The legendary "atmosphere" male star wears


The legendary "atmosphere" male star wears


The legendary "atmosphere" male star wears


The beautiful shots in film and television works often maximize the mood of the audience, and the atmosphere of the outfit is also very important. In addition to being moved by tears and crazy screenshots, we can also learn how to wear the atmosphere, become the protagonist in seconds, and become the atmosphere maker.


Gentleman's sense of England

   When it comes to a sense of atmosphere, one must think of a gentleman British style. The suits are characterized by good tailoring and concise and self-cultivating designs, reflecting the subtle and aristocratic temperament of a gentleman. A black suit, a white shirt and Chelsea boots are a classic match that never goes wrong, with a big-time temperament and a windy walk. If you want a sense of leisure, you can appropriately increase the proportion of the shirt exposed and choose stripes or dark patterns; pants can also choose loose-fitting styles to increase the texture and comfort of wearing.

If you still feel that the formal dress is too dull, you can consider the Scottish plaid that carries the history of England. The plaid has undergone a century of evolution, and the design and application techniques have become more and more abundant. The bright orange and blue contrasting colors can make you stand out in the cool city surrounded by asphalt roads and stone walls. With a shirt and tie of the same color, it is calm and does not lose the sense of humor of a British gentleman.

In addition to the elite tycoons on the financial street, the European academic style is also one of the important styles worn by the British. At this time, you can take off the straight suit pants and put on loose and comfortable wide-leg pants with a white T to create a simple and clean temperament. Suspenders, as a traditional dress item, will also increase the sense of age reduction at this time. The navy blue high-waisted wide-leg pants visually increase the proportion of the entire person's picture and lengthen the proportion of height.

Cheng Yi's black suit look can be said to be a model of low-key wear. The black and white match is calm and simple. It continues the low-key and humble attitude, and every gesture is a heartbeat sniper.

As a young master of the British style, Zhu Zhengting also has a serious business atmosphere this time! The black turtleneck sweater and overalls make the figure taller, and the addition of gold glasses softens the sense of distance brought by black.

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