Oliver Sweeney 2021SS THE GREEN SOLES


Oliver Sweeney 2021SS THE GREEN SOLES


Oliver Sweeney 2021SS THE GREEN SOLES


In the spring and summer of 2021, Oliver Sweeney reproduced the brand's first pair of green-soled shoes in 1989 with a new character chromology as inspiration, defining a new color matching philosophy. Through the new season of green-soled shoes products, the low-key and restrained personality charm of men is demonstrated.

In London, England in 1989, Oliver Sweeney accidentally stepped on the wet green paint in Hyde Park, which opened the brand's green background story. At the same time, it also gave Oliver Sweeney a cordial pronoun "The Green Soles" (green-soled shoes). In the spring and summer of 2021, Tim Cooper, the brand's chief shoemaker, once again paid tribute to this legendary inspiration story and conveyed the brand's new green-soled shoe plan. Launched 6 products of the green bottom family, including BISHOPSGATE, SAUNDERS, YARFORD, BENUZZI, etc., covering different dress shoes such as classic Oxford shoes and Derby shoes. Among them, BISHOPSGATE is an innovative derivative of the world's most popular style, and when it comes to the absolute highlight of this season's products, I have to mention YARFORD. The cattle herd in the Weinheimmer area of the Alps above 1500 meters is used, with the whole skin cutting technology as the core of the craft, plus 3 times of hand-dyed green whole cowhide outsole. Give this pair of "green-soled Oxford shoes" absolute fashion and high quality.

Oliver Sweeney The Green Soles series – LEIZILEI Oxford shoes

   The interpretation of the personality of a man by green-soled shoes is just like the expression of the charm that red-soled shoes give women. Green is a color that symbolizes peace and purity; it is also a low-key, textured color system. Starting from the creation of the first pair of green-soled shoes 32 years ago, this classic series of the brand has become more fashionable after the precipitation of time. Oliver Sweeney focuses on thinking about every scene of life worn by modern men, and appreciates their deeper personality expression. With the brand-new green-soled shoe products that have been tempered over the years, they can satisfy their surging heart hidden under their serious appearance.

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