The legendary "atmosphere" male star wears two


The legendary "atmosphere" male star wears two


The legendary "atmosphere" male star wears two



French romance

   French aesthetics can be summed up in one sentence: "biendans sa peau", literally translated as "to fit your skin". The French style will not be too protruding, and there is not much age limit. Create a natural and romantic temperament with minimalist lines and refined shapes. In the color of the clothing, you can choose a large area of pure color, such as high saturation red, with retro high-waisted jeans, simple and self-cultivation, showing off and distinctive personality.

The casual feel of French formal wear can be stronger, and the secret is to have a comfortable beret. This single product from the 15th century is still an important element of French retro style. Walking on the Champs Elysées with such a warm color system, the atmosphere is instantly full.

If none of these allow you to incorporate French atmosphere filters, there is nothing easier to enter the Parisian fashion circle than tweed. The classic all-match tweed suit, with a comfortable silhouette and ambiguous gender, is a pioneer who breaks away from self-pursuit of beauty.

Chen Weiting's aristocratic temperament has allowed him to master French tweed. This complex patterned knitted jacket only needs a simple white T and dark denim to become a walking atmosphere maker.

Wang Junkai’s ability to control clothing allows him to choose boldly when he wears it. The complex bottoms and bottoms are stacked in a pure red patent leather jacket, coupled with a contrast brooch, which attracts the eye while also forming a visual exquisite. balance.

With a beret and small curly hair, this look makes Zhang Zhehan add a touch of cuteness to the retro. The simple and design light cyan shirt is particularly refreshing in spring.


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