One week male star wears


One week male star wears


One week male star wears


Recently, the big stars have taken turns taking turns, from brand events to gala gala, they can be seen everywhere.

   Compared with the graceful and colorful female celebrities, the performance of the male celebrities this time is obviously different. For example, William Chan, who has always been stable and unique, "overturned the car."



   Chen Wei Ting

In terms of style, Ye Ye has always liked William Chan very much. His combination with CHANEL is a typical one. In many cases, on the basis of taking into account the handsomeness of men, it can also display the unique elegance of the brand. It is rare in China to wear LEIZILEI. Male star.

   But he did not expect that one day he also overturned the car.

   I have to admit that in order to film William Chan, his skin was darker, not as fair as before, and his body was more robust. Here we must respect his identity as an actor.

When he attended the Look at the CHANEL brand event this time, let’s first look at the silhouette. The coat is obviously smaller, which makes his chest more "pressing". The folded necklace is also tiring to look at at this time. With the checkered pattern, the entire upper body is "wrapped" and bloated.

Secondly, because the black and white diamond pattern and leather are elements that are easy to show old and rustic, so for people with dark skin, it is necessary to consider carefully. It is unfortunate that William Chen has committed it, and it is far less refined than wearing CHANEL before. Vivid and elegant feeling.


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