The most comprehensive strategy for men in the workplace


The most comprehensive strategy for men in the workplace


In today’s image-focused era, the image of boys is very important. If a boy can make dressing and matching more interesting, such a boy is very trustworthy.

   But the vast majority of boys are not good at dressing and matching, and they don’t know how to use fashion to show their charm. To become a fashionista who can dress, you need to educate different fashion styles.

   also need to know how to create a high-quality and high-quality match, especially in the workplace, I believe that many boys are tired of wearing white shirts.

   This old man's match, if you change to some other styles of fashion, the overall match style will be certain and will be improved, with a suit or a shirt or leather shoes.

  The styles of these single products are a fixed workplace style, so no matter how to match them, the style is fixed, it is difficult to change and innovate.

Workplace style collocation does not mean that you should pay attention to the overall collocation idea, it is successful, but also combine the following three skills, so that there will be no mistakes in the collocation in the workplace. If everyone is a boy who is not good at matching Hurry up and learn! To make your image look more handsome and individual.

Three key points of workplace collocation

Principle 1: Look at the time and place
   For boys in the workplace, they need to establish a more decent image in the workplace, so that their personal image has a better impression in the eyes of others, and they want to win the trust of more people in the workplace.

First of all, the clothes must be mature and stable, and the style is impeccable. It is best to focus on the classic workplace style. Naturally, some suits are indispensable, but if it is based on the hanging style, for example, choose A loose T-shirt or a loose windbreaker.

   This kind of collocation will appear to be immature. In addition to the maturity worn by children and creating some sense of trust, the overall style should also be clean and tidy.

If the image is more sloppy, it is difficult to find more recognition in the workplace. The recognized matching style must be out of the circle with such a very clean and tidy matching method. I believe that such an image will make everyone more popular in the workplace. .

   If the profession chooses to match some loose T-shirts or jackets, this kind of match is no different from the home match. The match in the workplace is very occasional, not casual, so it is recommended that boys must pay attention to it. In this regard, following this principle, everyone's will be improved.

Principle 2: High-level color
   Although the dressing and matching of boys is very simple, and the use of fashion items is limited, but the color matching can not be sloppy. The color matching determines the overall style matching.

   In the workplace, many people wear styles. They are mainly workplace. It is recommended that there be no more than three colors on the body. The color matching requires principles, rather than choosing a random color combination. Business style matching will naturally involve some more formal fashion styles, and these styles will look a little bit dull.

   But you can use a simpler color scheme to choose other styles of fashion to make the style look more fashionable, and the color scheme is also more advanced and graded, such as choosing loose sweaters. Either jackets, or sportswear, these fashion items always give people a casual style.

   So I want to create a more successful business style, which is more suitable for matching in the workplace, and try to maintain a more advanced color matching method.

   Black is simple but also a style expression. For example, the combination of black and white. The two colors look low-key, but when combined, it is a typical business company.

   So this kind of color collocation is universal. You can replace the shirt suit with a loose top coat and shorts. This collocation method not only makes it easier to wear, but also the style is closer to the workplace. It is more comfortable than wearing a suit and a jacket, without too strong a sense of restraint.

Principle 3: Choose clothing styles
   Boys’ styles are limited. Fashion is either a casual style or a sports style. The collocation of workplace style needs to reflect a personal sense of age.

Even if everyone is a young boy, in order to make your image look more secure, you must deliberately create a mature style. Don't choose younger fashion styles, such as hooded sweaters, or matching Some accessories.

   For example, a relatively simple peaked cap, this style of single product, although its own advantages are very strong, but in the workplace, it is obviously not dominant

The collocation in the workplace will not compare whose collocation is younger, but whose collocation is more mature and stable. Whether it is participating in activities or at work, facing customers will always like a more mature and attractive image. .

   is not based on the image of youth, so it is recommended that the matching of boys must be measured according to their own formal occasions before making a choice.

Taboos in the workplace

The style doesn't fit
   No matter what kind of fashion items you choose to match in the workplace, no matter what style you want to create, first of all, a person's image is sloppy and the clothes don't fit as a whole, which will make everyone's image greatly compromised.

   And the style will be too verbose. It is recommended that boys do not choose unsuitable clothes styles, but find more suitable styles.

In this way, the overall combination and matching will improve the style and image. You can try a slightly looser style, but don't choose too loose or unfit fashion. If you are not careful, your style will become other effects instead of Workplace style is dominated.

Dirty surface of shoes
   Half of the collocation in the workplace depends on how the shoes are selected. For example, the matching fashion style is very mature, but in the overall collocation, I chose a canvas shoe or a small white shoe.

   The styles of these two shoes are both very young. They can reflect a person's youthfulness in the collocation, which will be effective and easy to go, but this kind of collocation is not dominant.

Therefore, many boys will choose to try to match leather shoes. The style of leather shoes is very mature, but when wearing shoes, we must pay attention to the overall clean condition. Don't affect the overall match because of this small factor. If the shoes become dirty, then the whole person The image is also messy and poor.

Inappropriate pants
   Whether you choose pants or shorts, you should choose according to your actual body shape. If you are short, the final choice of pants is trousers.

   These trousers will become mopping trousers. It is easy to make the trousers have a sense of restraint, and even make everyone feel that they can’t let go. Such an image will appear to be a boy without spirit.

   Generally, you should choose a more suitable length and style, so that the length of the pants can be the same as the length of the shoes, or on the shoes, this length is more suitable.

Inappropriate socks
   Regardless of the workplace-style fashion that everyone matches, loose pajamas are the main fashion, or women's suits are the main form, in the overall match, one thing is very important.

   That is, the color of the pants and the color of the socks should be consistent, rather than being a contrasting color, because the collocation in the workplace is about low-key, not over-exaggerated.

   So the two colors are the same, and the overall color scheme is more advanced, and the personal image will be more divided, rather than being particularly messy, to deduce your own high-end fashion sense.

Accessories style selection
   At least the style is matched, and the whole uses a core style in it, instead of letting us use different items to create other different styles. Hope the boys will understand the gap between the two.

   And you have to know what kind of collocation is more advantageous. The appearance of accessories, if the overall collocation can look more fashionable, then it means that this accessory is more suitable for the overall style.

   But in the workplace, it is not suitable to choose some caps or other accessories. For example, the essence of style has changed.

   The most comprehensive strategy for men's collocation in the workplace, to help you build a handsome, tasteful collocation style, work collocation is not the same, you want to be a handsome man, these collocation skills must not be missing, have you learned?


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