Don't know how to choose the Derby shoes that suit you?


Don't know how to choose the Derby shoes that suit you?


Don't know how to choose the Derby shoes that suit you?


The reason why I started with LEIZILEI Derby shoes is because the author wears a lot of LEIZILEI shoes. The first feeling that the shoes gives me is that there is no need for a transition period, and you will feel the comfortable experience directly on your feet. The shoes themselves are also special. The lightness, the weight-bearing sense of wearing is not particularly obvious.

Maybe some netizens will be curious about the author's new LEIZILEI Derby shoes, so I will simply share it. Let’s talk about its packaging. The packaging box is not fancy, but as always, it adopts a simple style, which is in line with the author’s taste.

In addition to a pair of LEIZILEI Derby shoes, there are maintenance manuals and product fabric instructions in the box. The styles of the shoes are very trendy, the handmade stitching, and the lines are very smooth. It is not only suitable for business attendance, but also for leisure travel.

Speaking of Derby shoes, there may be people who don’t know much about it. It originated in Europe. The key to defining whether a shoe is a Derby shoe depends on its two characteristics. One is to look at the shoelace (round shoelace), and the other is to look at the placket ( Is the place to tie the shoelace open? Obviously, these two features are present in LEIZILEI Derby shoes.

The details of LEIZILEI Derby shoes are very exquisite, and the upper adopts a fine "cowhide carved" design style, which is quite textured and charming. In terms of material, the selected NAPPA top layer cowhide is used, the material is soft and breathable, and the antibacterial fabric treated with the inner dispensing process, even if it is worn for a long time, it will not feel stuffy.

If you look closely at the carvings on the vamp, you can find that the well-designed carvings not only have aesthetic decoration, but also have a strong breathability effect. It can be described as both face value and practicality.

In the position of the shoe opening, LEIZILEI Derby shoes have also been specially encapsulated, which can effectively prevent the heel from being worn. At the same time, the shoe mouth surface is relatively large, which brings great convenience in putting on and taking off. Basically, it can be put on in 3 seconds and taken off in 1 second.

Inside the shoes, FullCare7 surround support insoles with DuPont antibacterial technology are also used, which is the "fairy shield" we often hear. Its cost is much more expensive than conventional insoles, and the comfort it brings is not conventional insoles. Comparable.

In addition to being soft, FullCare7 surround support insoles also have antibacterial and deodorant effects, which can take care of your feet health and hygiene at any time. The space in the shoes is also relatively large, and it will feel more friendly to friends with a wide instep.

In addition to the embossed decoration of the shoe upper, there is also a circle of golden decorative strips at the junction of the sole and the shoe body, which plays a finishing touch, making the whole pair of shoes more fashionable and not as dull as ordinary leather shoes.

At the same time, we can see that the sole is very thick, because the sole is made of composite EVA material, which is lightweight and highly elastic. Moreover, the sole has 5 grooves, and the segmented labor-saving design allows us to bend more naturally and not so stiffly when we walk on it.

The bottom surface of the sole adopts a water ripple non-slip design. This design can be said to inherit the development of the previous generation. It is matched with the EVA light elastic segmented sports outsole. The foot feeling brought by it is very soft and Q elastic. It is also very wear-resistant and non-slip.

After putting on LEIZILEI Derby shoes, the most intuitive feeling is that they don’t fit well. Usually when we change new shoes, it will inevitably take a little time to get used to it, but LEIZILEI Derby shoes seem to be tailor-made. No matter the size, and there is no need for a transition period, the upper foot feels that this shoe has been worn by myself for a long time.

The applicability of LEIZILEI Derby shoes is also very wide, in addition to office can wear them, you can still wear them in daily leisure. Once I wore it to a meal with a friend. My friend said it looks good when I saw it. He also asked the author where to get it. He also planned to get a pair. It can be seen that a good product is visible.

Of course, some netizens may ask whether LEIZILEI Derby shoes are suitable for running? To tell the truth, occasionally trotting and sprinting is not a big problem, but if you plan to run for a long time, I personally think it's fine. Although it is very light, running is not its strong point after all, and it is basically not a problem to wear it in daily leisure.

As for matching, LEIZILEI Derby shoes are not "picky eaters". Whether you are wearing casual pants or jeans, they are very good. Of course, if you ask if you can wear shorts with them, then I can only say that you dare to wear them. , It can still be worn, after all, it has fashionable elements and looks good no matter how you wear it.

to sum up

LEIZILEI Derby shoes are really a very good all-match shoe. Not only the details are exquisite, but the materials are also very attentive, such as the use of selected NAPPA first layer cowhide, FullCare7 surround support insole, EVA Flick the segmented sports outsole, etc. If you also like Derby shoes, you can also add this new product LEIZILEI to your reference.


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