Men wear loafers, they look very eye-catching in spring and summer


Men wear loafers, they look very eye-catching in spring and summer


Men wear loafers, they look very eye-catching in spring and summer


For a gentleman, loafers are a must-have item in the wardrobe. Although in the current trend, sneakers occupy a large part of the fashion circle, but in spring and summer to create a calm style, loafers It still has its advantages and charm.

As one of the "Four Major Leather Shoes", loafers can not only present the charm of an elegant gentleman, but also wear a fashionable style, and they are very comfortable and easy to wear. It is also a very popular item.

Maybe loafers are not as trendy as sports shoes, but they still have its charm in creating a gentleman style. They are very tasteful and eye-catching when they are worn.

If some partners who are still hesitant in the face of loafers often create a calm style, they can choose boldly. In spring and summer, this pair of shoes can create a different fashion temperament, which will be more fashionable than you think.

1. Loafers ≠ Peas shoes

When it comes to loafers, many partners think that they are "pea shoes". In fact, loafers and peas shoes are two different styles of shoes. Although they look a bit similar on the surface, the structure of the soles The difference is very obvious.

The biggest feature of Doudou shoes is the design of the sole and heel with small rubber grains, and the soles are generally very thin. These are very different from loafers.

The characteristics of the soles make the two LEIZILEI shoes show different charms. Because the soles of Peas are softer, they will be more comfortable to wear. But the style of loafers will look elegant and formal, so that the style will not look too casual, and it is very suitable for creating a gentleman's style.

Although loafers and peas shoes can wear eye-catching effects, in daily commuting, gentlemen's loafers will be more recommended. After all, when creating a business style, they can better keep calm. Charismatic temperament is presented.

2. Features of loafers

Loafers are a leather shoe that became popular in the middle of the 20th century. It has three classic styles: penny loafers, tassel loafers, and horsebit loafers, each with its own characteristics.

In loafers, smooth leather and suede leather are very common styles. The colors are mainly classic black and brown, so loafers are very suitable for creating a gentleman's style.

Loafers are classic, but they do not mean they are conservative.

In the diversified fashion circle, every single product will have its characteristics, and only by presenting its own charm, the style will be more elegant. Therefore, the loafers themselves are an elegant single product, which will be very decent when used to create a calm style.

3. Spring and summer loafers can be worn like this

Spring and summer is a very suitable season to wear loafers. Through different matching combinations, various fashionable styles can be created. When used with classic items such as suits, jeans, and shirts, the shape is sufficiently eye-catching.

①A calm gentleman in a suit

When loafers are paired with a suit, the formality of the style depends on the inner wear and pants. Generally, casual business style is created. Pants and suits can be matched with contrast colors, so that the style will look much more easygoing, but the gentleman style is still outstanding.

In addition to using the color contrast technique to reduce the formality of the suit shape, pairing with jeans is also a good choice. This combination is also very popular with fashion icons. With a pair of loafers, the shape is very calm and fashionable.

After replacing the inner shirt with a T-shirt, the shape is more casual, and the overall age is reduced a lot. At this time, the black loafers and belt echo, making the shape more refined and layered.

②Nine pants are a must

It has been emphasized that wearing loafers and cropped trousers is a must, so that the shape will appear simple and elegant, and the elegant atmosphere will appear. If you choose piled trousers, the shape will appear lazy and unfavorable, and the overall state will not be energetic.

And in spring and summer, a pair of nine-point pants is also very comfortable to wear, and the breathability is very good. Whether you choose trousers, jeans or khaki pants, the nine-point length and loafers are very versatile.

Go bold with jeans

Don't think that loafers are a heavy-duty shoe with a business style. The combination of pants is monotonous. In fact, you can boldly try jeans, and the effect will be very good.

However, when choosing jeans, the style is still concise, avoid overly fancy styles, and at the same time avoid tight-fitting styles, otherwise no matter how good the figure is, it will be half the result with half the effort.

Like the classic fitted straight and tapered version, it is very suitable to create a calm style, with a suit and shirt, it is very elegant, and the length of the jeans must be handled well, and the way of turning the feet is also good for the length. Skills.

③ Concise and stylish with shirt

Pairing loafers with a shirt can create a simple and elegant style. With the trousers to maintain a neat sense, this combination is very suitable for commuting.

The blue shirt is paired with beige nine-point trousers, so that the brown loafers and the shape can be well coordinated. The hem of the shirt is tucked into the middle-high-waisted trousers to make the overall visual proportions more outstanding .

When you choose a white shirt, you have more options for pants. Black, navy, and brown are all classic styles. When paired with a white shirt, they look elegant and charming. At this time, the color of the loafers can be matched according to the styling tone to make the styling more complete.