What is the essence of hand-made leather shoes? "Ancient way to color, never outdated"


What is the essence of hand-made leather shoes? "Ancient way to color, never outdated"


What is the essence of hand-made leather shoes? "Ancient way to color, never outdated"


Many opponents who do not know how to make leather shoes will fall into a misunderstanding, that is, they think that hand-made leather shoes are all men's models, which are more atmospheric. In fact, artisans also have some experience in making women's shoes.

   There is not much difference in the production process of men's shoes and women's shoes. The ancient coloring for men's shoes also applies to women's shoes.

What is ancient coloring?

Ancient coloring is a handcrafted quintessence hand-crafted in our country for a hundred years. It requires craftsmen to rub the leather surface hundreds of times from different angles and strengths to achieve the layered light and dark changes, which makes the leather glow like lacquerware. As bright and glamorous. The ancient coloring process has been passed down for centuries, but because this process is very harsh on the selection of cowhide, only very rare high-quality cowhide is suitable for this process, so only a few leather goods brands currently use this process on the market. For the craftsman, it is also no small challenge.

Craftsmen who know how to paint in ancient ways are highly respected no matter where they are; and craftsmen with the best skills are even more respected by people in the circle.

   Compared with the monochromatic leather shoes that came out of the assembly line on the market, the gradual and shiny handmade women's shoes are eye-catching.

   For craftsmen, making handmade leather shoes requires patience and care. For each layer of color, you have to wait for it to dry naturally before you can continue to add another layer of color. Hundreds of times of coloring, according to the changes in temperature and humidity in different seasons, it takes an average of 5 days to complete the coloring of the cowhide.

It is this slow pace that has achieved the glory of the ancient method. Highly saturated colors, natural and traceless gradients, can catch people's attention. What is fascinating is not only the gorgeous appearance and the symbol of extravagance, but also the original intention of the craftsman behind the production.

Women's shoes in different colors give women more choices. Black and brown are calm and atmospheric, suitable for formal occasions; blue, red and green are lively and jumping, suitable for traveling and daily collocation.

   has a retro style every year, because the classics will never be out of date. Women's shoes colored in ancient ways, even ordinary people can see the extraordinary, and will be praised by people who know how to do it.

Don't think that shoes colored in ancient ways have no patterns. Any pattern can be attached to it as long as you want. The faintly flowing colors and brilliance on the surface of the leather shoes, combined with elegant or interesting patterns, have a unique flavor.

If you are tired of machine-made, cookie-cutter leather shoes, you might as well try handmade leather shoes. Its unique charm will surely impress you.