Can leather shoes only be matched with suits? No, this is just one of them!


Can leather shoes only be matched with suits? No, this is just one of them!


Can leather shoes only be matched with suits? No, this is just one of them!


As we all know, the most worn leather shoes are suits, because they look good, handsome, and have a very good temperament. They are especially formal and high-end. The most indispensable thing in high-end venues is suits and leather shoes. However, leather shoes can not only match clothes. , It can also match many other costumes.

Many black trousers and leather shoes can be matched, but they are a lot worse in terms of taste. Some of them feel a bit awkward when they wear them. There are no absolutes in the world, and there are two that are very suitable and will not lose in temperament. Give the suit.

Those are black leather pants and black jeans. These two styles are not as formal as a suit, but they look special fashion trends with extraordinary personality. The main thing is cool, yes, it is cool, and there is a little high cold.

Leather shoes include not only black leather shoes, but also white leather shoes and Oxford shoes. In our understanding, jeans and formal Oxford shoes seem to be two items that have no intersection at all. But in fact, when jeans with heavier casual attributes met Oxford shoes, they paired surprisingly!

This kind of chemical reaction has a scientific name called [Yuppies], as the saying goes: "The ruffian is not terrible, I am afraid that he is still elegant." This way of wearing is like Wu Xiubo in the collocation world, with a trace of badness in stability and a trace of elegance in it. swelling of the liver. But it is not easy to create this kind of feeling. Pay special attention to these points. If you don't wear it well, it's a hair salon brother.


When matching leather shoes with trousers, try to choose a slim fit or a better fit. Don't wear loose and loose ones, which will look sloppy.

Of course, this is for the younger ones, if they are middle-aged or formally dressed, it looks calm.

And when it comes to matching pants, I have to talk about socks. These socks are not random. There are also many famous ones. If they are messed up, they will make people feel that the taste is not good, or look abrupt.

The solid color is relatively high. After all, leather shoes are synonymous with grade. If you match socks with patterns or letters, it will ruin the beauty.