Loafer shoes are popular this summer, rely on it to save


Loafer shoes are popular this summer, rely on it to save


Loafer shoes are popular this summer, rely on it to save


There are various styles of shoes on the market. There are high-heeled shoes and flat shoes. Each has a lot of styles. High-heeled shoes have a word belt style, a pointed style, a square style, a round style, and so on.
Flat shoes have canvas shoes styles, sports shoes styles and loafers styles with their own characteristics, to say which kind of shoes are the most comfortable and versatile.
Of course it is sports shoes and canvas shoes. If you want to talk about which kind of shoes are the most fashionable, of course, high heels are more trendy. If you want to say which kind of shoes are the most convenient, they are of course loafers. The editor will focus on the styles, colors and styles of loafers. Which girls are suitable for, and matching tips.
Loafer shoes are derived from the English word "Loafer", which means a casual, comfortable and lazy lifestyle, so loafer shoes are more casual, easy to put on and take off, and very convenient.
Loafers refer to shoes without laces, flat soles or low tops. They were originally men's styles. With the continuous development of fashion, they have also become women's fashion items.
And fashion has also created loafers based on popular elements, thus attracting more girls to choose them. Loafers were once glorious for a while, and then disappeared from public view.

With the continuous development of fashion, loafers have once again become a fashion trend and become a favorite of girls. However, unlike the past, loafers also have some new design elements, which have won the love of girls.
One of the characteristics of the old loafers is that they are relatively mature, mostly made of black leather, with a texture but will grind their feet, and have a narrow audience, which is only suitable for older sisters.
However, due to uncomfortable wearing, it quickly disappeared in the fashion world. After re-creation, the fabric of loafers became softer and softer, and the colors were colorful. The audience has grown from cute to middle-aged sisters.
And it’s comfortable to wear, it was well received, and immediately returned to the fashion industry, but some girls have it because they are comfortable to wear, but they don’t always match it. Don’t worry, I will introduce the styles of loafers in detail. Let's look down on how to match it with a sense of luxury.

The importance of flat loafers to women
The most comfortable is flat shoes, but some occasions require high-end and atmospheric shoes, so I have to choose high heels. Although fashion is inevitably a bit tired, everyone is more troubled. Is there a comfortable and fashionable shoe? Of course there is. It is the loafers that Xiaobian will introduce.
First of all, loafers are very comfortable to wear. In addition to the flat design, loafers have no laces, which eliminates the trouble of tying shoelaces.
And the toe cap is a bit like a doll-toed shoe, which is more playful and very breathable. It will not cover your feet. The sole will not be tired. The feet will not be sour after a day's wear and it is very comfortable.
It is not only suitable for the busy life of office workers, but also suitable for students to finish their studies every day. It is more suitable for mature sisters to run around for their children and their own affairs. Loafers are very versatile, very comfortable and very practical. .
Secondly, loafers are very fashionable. If everyone thinks that loafers are the kind of earthy and tacky shoes in daily life, then everyone is wrong.
There are many styles of loafers, some are suitable for daily travel, and some are suitable for attending events. They are very fashionable and high-end. For example, loafers of fashionable big-name design with brand logo.
Such loafers are both eye-catching and luxurious, and are suitable for attending events or banquets. All in all, loafers are suitable for girls of all ages and professions, comfortable and fashionable.

Tips for matching flat loafers
With the continuous development of fashion, flat loafers combine many fashion elements and are sought after by girls. So how do you match so many styles? Which people are the different design elements suitable for, and how to match the bottoms and socks? Let's take a look.
Loafers are suitable for spring and autumn as well as summer. In spring, loafers are more energetic, symbolizing vigorous vitality. A pair of loafers in summer is very eye-catching, creating a lady-like leisure atmosphere. In autumn, a pair of loafers seems to be telling the atmosphere of autumn, which is very versatile and very practical.
For girls who like metal style, you can choose loafers with metal buckles, but the metal buckle design is suitable for black uppers, which are more advanced, creating a cool and handsome, but without losing a sense of playfulness.
This style is suitable for both autumn and summer. In autumn, you can wear a windbreaker, wear a pair of black tube socks, and pair with a pair of black metal wind loafers. It is very advanced and very casual.
It is suitable for summer dresses with net gauze. The dresses are more fairy-like, while the shoes are more retro, and the overall is more casual and casual.

For girls who are looking for texture and feel, the printed models are more suitable. There are various printing styles, and girls can choose according to their favorites.
And this style is lighter in color, suitable for summer wear. For example, for a girl who likes cute style, you can choose a print design with cute patterns and match casual clothes. The overall is sweet and casual. You can also match a princess dress to create a little girl's feeling.
For girls who like retro style, you can choose loafers with retro prints, such as check loafers, paired with retro style clothes, the overall look has a sense of age.
For girls who like funny styles, you can choose comedy prints with exaggerated clothing. The overall is very eye-catching and suitable for girls who like to be different.
There are some other design elements, such as bows, ruffles, embossments, etc. Bowknot design elements are more common, and it is used as a finishing touch on loafers, which makes the overall style of shoes change from retro style to cute style.
As we walked, the twinkling bow seemed to be about to take off, with dynamic beauty, suitable for little girls or sweet-looking girls.
The lotus leaf design is more ladylike, suitable for casual or ladylike clothing, and the overall is more gentle, the lotus leaf design is suitable for loafers of various colors.
Even black with ruffles is more delicate. The embossed loafers have a texture, but they are older in style and are suitable for older sisters who like elegance. They are not suitable for daily use. They are suitable for events or banquets.

How to choose the flat loafers that suit you best?
Different styles and different design elements are suitable for different girls. For girls who like exquisiteness, you can choose leather loafers with exquisite elements.
For girls who like minimalist style, you can choose solid color loafers without other design elements, which are more atmospheric. Brilliant colors are suitable for young girls, and deep colors are suitable for mature sisters.
But this kind of shoes has a disadvantage, that is, the leather loafers have long feet. If the girl's feet are relatively slender, it is not suitable for leather loafers. You can choose fabric loafers.
The fabric loafers are softer and very comfortable to wear, but they do not have a shape, so the foot shape is not modified. You must choose according to your actual situation before choosing.

Styles of flat loafers
◆◆Check pattern◆◆
Flat loafers design: gray plaid flat loafers
Material: Cotton
The style of flat loafers: retro style
Preferred occasion: daily travel
Suitable collocation: Plaid suit
The plaid style flat loafers are more retro, suitable for girls who like retro style, and suitable for spring and autumn matching, suitable for windbreakers or woolen coats.
In this way, it can create a feeling of full autumn, and this is suitable for older sisters, young girls can not control this loafers.

◆◆Pure color◆◆
Flat loafers design: pink flat loafers
Material: Cotton
The style of flat loafers: small fresh style
Preferred occasion: dating
Suitable match: white shirt with black leather pants
Most of the loafers are solid colors, and the colors are various, the most common are black and brown, followed by pink, yellow and other colorful ones that look very beautiful.
The pink loafers have changed from the dull and retro of ordinary loafers, but have a little girly feel, suitable for young girls, and yellow is suitable for summer, and the bright upper is very shining. Under the shining, it is very eye-catching.

Flat loafers design: black embossed flat loafers
Material: PU leather
The style of flat loafers: retro style
Preferred occasion: Attend an event
Suitable collocation: white shirt with black suit pants
The embossed loafers are very retro, and more advanced, suitable for mature sisters to choose, the general color is black, can be matched with black suit pants and classic white tops.
It looks heavy, but it's actually very lightweight, worthy of collection, and very comfortable to wear, but it's not suitable for everyday life because the style is a bit fancy.


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