Wear leather shoes in summer and look as fashionable and exquisite


Wear leather shoes in summer and look as fashionable and exquisite


Wear leather shoes in summer and look as fashionable and exquisite


It is said that summer wear should be mainly cool, and leather shoes are often ignored by most men. In fact, for men over 40, adding leather shoes to the summer match will be more stylish than other types of items such as sports shoes and sandals.

Although sneakers are often used as age-reducing items, and a variety of new styles are emerging to double the fashion, but 40-year-old men must not only pursue fashion, but also pay attention to a sense of stability and decentness, so there is no need to change shoes. , Leather shoes can be a perfect balance between the two.

Speaking of leather shoes, people usually have a formal, solemn but slightly cumbersome old-fashioned impression of them. In fact, leather shoes have been updated for a long time. Not only do they have many choices in materials, they will not add dullness to the hot summer. There are many choices in style.

Of course, the color matching can naturally be changed to adapt to different styles, so as to coordinate with different styles of clothing and different ways of wearing, so that the overall match is more stylish. 40-year-old men don’t have to worry about matching shoes, a pair of leather shoes are easy to wear fashionable and stylish, take a look at how to wear fashionable!

1. Various styles of leather shoes

Speaking of, there are really many types of leather shoes, and the styles presented by different categories are also quite different. When choosing leather shoes, you must first determine what style you want to match, and then choose the style of leather shoes.

In daily life, Oxford shoes are a more common style. With strap design, it tends to show thinner feet through layering. At the same time, people with high insteps or fat feet do not have to worry about the deformation of leather shoes , Oxford shoes can be easily adjusted by strapping.

Usually, the length of Oxford shoes will just reach the ankle, and then with the right degree of looseness, often make the whole person more elegant gentleman.

Derby shoes are similar to Oxford shoes and can easily adjust the width, but the instep design is not as tall as Oxford shoes, so it looks clever rather than sharp, and is more suitable for college style matching.

Loafers are simple and convenient

Compared with lace-up leather shoes, loafers can be described as "the gospel of lazy cancer", and the "one-step" method of wearing is especially suitable for simple summer. At the same time, choosing loafers with a blunt toe toe will make the overall temperament more casual, while pointed loafers are more sharp. Regardless of the simplicity of loafers, the upper body effect can be described as extraordinary.

If the strap design is replaced with rivets or other decorations, it becomes a Monk shoe style, which is visually simpler, but it will be more realistic than loafers, and it is also quite suitable for 40-year-old men. Part of the summer mix.

If you want to be handsome and chic, you can boldly try Chelsea booties. Although they will cover your ankles, the pointed design will also bring visual extension, thereby lengthening the proportions of the legs, and adding an indulgence and unrestrained sense of freedom and chic with the booties design.

Of course, the most popular is Martin boots, suitable for spring, summer, autumn and winter. Whether six-hole Martin boots or eight-hole Martin boots, they can blend the youthfulness and handsomeness of men into one, a perfect combination. At the same time, they are also a very versatile style. You can wear almost nothing wrong.

2. Material, color matching and decoration

The styles of shoes are different, and the materials, colors and decorations are also very different. Although a pair of leather shoes can cope with the whole summer, you must choose a single product that suits your temperament to get the best effect.

Matte material + black, classic low-key and atmospheric

The most common is of course the matte leather. The humble gloss will not be too dazzling, and the low-key will bring out a bit of gentleman's elegance. At the same time, it will be more atmospheric with pure black, and it will definitely not go wrong with it!

Patent leather + black age-reducing and fashionable

The same is wearing black leather color, and the glossy patent leather design will greatly enhance the age-reducing effect, and the visual focus will also move down, making the overall match more eye-catching. Although the patent leather design is a single product that is biased towards fashion items and informal occasions, choosing such a single item in daily life will make you so fashionable.

Suede + brown more grounded

In terms of color, warm brown is more suitable for summer than black, and it will make the whole person look much lighter. If it is combined with suede material, it will add gentleness to the whole person's temperament, and it will feel a little grounded in the gentleman's style.

Three, wear and match

Once you have mastered the basic elements of leather shoes, you only need to match them correctly, and you can't easily lead the fashion and show your fashionable attitude.

Pay attention to how to wear, simple and capable

When choosing trousers, do not match them with stacked plates at the ankles, because the stacked trousers with leather shoes will look completely dull, and completely out of tune with the refreshing and generous feeling of summer. It is best to choose extremely capable trousers to leave enough space for the leather shoes to display, and at the same time, it will not make the whole person look sloppy.

To add a bit of tough guy effect to the gentleman's demeanor, choose a nine-length trouser suit to match it, exposing the ankle to relieve the dull feeling, the whole person becomes domineering and capable, and the aura soars.

Leather shoes and the sense of casualness seem to have always been inconsistent, but in fact it is not the case. Loose trousers and worn leather shoes can also be worn casually. Of course, pay attention to not too long trousers to get the best Good results.

Men over the age of 40 don't really need to change their shoes. Wear leather shoes in the summer. They can be fashionable and exquisite. They are more solemn and elegant than sports shoes. Why not try them!


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