Fashionable boys don’t wear leather shoes in suits! Look at Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo wearing this, stylish and handsome


Fashionable boys don’t wear leather shoes in suits! Look at Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo wearing this, stylish and handsome


Fashionable boys don’t wear leather shoes in suits! Look at Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo wearing this, stylish and handsome


Many men have illusions about neat and neat suits, and suits have gradually moved from office buildings to the streets, becoming the favorite items of fashionable men. But when it comes to matching suits, it's not that simple. When many boys wear a suit, they will match leather shoes, which often gives people the feeling of being at work or in business. Although you can't go wrong with western-assembled leather shoes, they look very dull and sophisticated. If they are out of the street, they really lose points. So, what should a suit not be worn with leather shoes? Look at how Xiao Zhan and Wang Yibo wear them. They are stylish and handsome.

LOOK1: suit + peas shoes

Peas shoes are also called "one pedal". Most of them have shallow mouth and round toe designs. The whole look is very soft. They are a popular item in home shoes. Wang Yibo wore a handsome blue suit, from the upper body point of view, he is a leader in the workplace, his eyes moved to his feet, and he was very comfortable and casual. If it's just going out on the street or in daily life, I suggest you wear it like this.

LOOK2: suit + canvas shoes

In the fashion circle, there has always been a popular saying: There is no single product that can not be matched with canvas shoes! Canvas shoes are characterized by simplicity and neutrality, and many boys have a soft spot for him. Because canvas shoes are more casual, it is not recommended to choose a pure color for business style when matching a suit. The apricot plaid suit on Wang Yibo is very casual and casual. It can maintain the tough upper body lines of boys and is very everyday, diminishing the business sense brought by the suit.

LOOK3: suit + daddy shoes

The new representative of street style in plaid suits, with unique British elements, highlights the elegant side of boys. Wang Yibo used such a plaid suit to kill the audience in seconds. The shoulder-drop style is a little softer than the shoulder-pads, and it will not create an aggressive impression. It is suitable for some relaxing occasions. Daddy shoes are originally a combination of retro and vitality, further dissolving the formal sense of the suit.

Xiao Zhan's body is very slender, with a small face and a thin waist, which will give people a more refined feeling. When such a boy is driving a checkered suit, he can choose a style with a smaller checkered pattern, which establishes the main theme of leisure and looks more refined. And the old shoes with a sense of design show Xiao Zhan's fashion vibe to the fullest. Slim and thin boys can learn from this body.

LOOK4: suit + white shoes

Wang Yibo's white outfit is like Prince Charming himself, with a cold and fashionable temperament. However, this all-white dressing method has high requirements for skin tone and hair color, and is suitable for boys with cool white skin and cool hair color. Such a white LOOK must be paired with fresh and natural white shoes. It has the cool and elegant style of a suit and the casual freedom of white shoes. This is a trendy way for young people to wear.

If there is no star filter blessing, it is still a little difficult to control the all-white LOOK. Xiao Zhan's vertical striped suit is more approachable than pure white and more suitable for ordinary people's daily outfits. Vertical stripes also extend up and down, and small boys can quietly lift up their body when worn like this. Small white shoes choose low-cut and thin-soled styles, which can create a more chic temperament.

LOOK5: suit + sports shoes

Who says black, white and gray are the signs of coolness? Our "cool guy" Wang Yibo expresses his cool and handsome nature in a big red suit. Because the color is bright enough to attract the eye, don't do too much design on the layout, let the color become the protagonist. And this visually appealing red also dispelled the rigid dullness of the suit, and the whole person exuded brilliance. With a pair of energetic sports shoes, you can easily win at parties and dinners.

If it is not a serious business occasion, boys should stop wearing leather shoes when matching suits, which is very dull and boring. Wearing like Wang Yibo and Xiao Zhan can burst the streets in minutes.