Summer can be set like this, easy to create an elegant gentleman style


Summer can be set like this, easy to create an elegant gentleman style


Summer can be set like this, easy to create an elegant gentleman style


Leather shoes occupies a very important position in the men's wardrobe, and they are a must-have item to create a gentleman's style. Although with the development of fashion, it seems that sports shoes have become the mainstream shoes of the moment. Many partners have accepted the trend of youth, leisure and fashion, but there are still some gentlemen and sportsmen who are still keen on leather shoes.

Whenever it comes to leather shoes, everyone tends to think of suits and think that these two items cannot be separated. Although leather shoes and suits are a perfect combination, they can create a very refined and elegant style, but use leather shoes to match other fashions. Single product, shape can also show diversified charm.

So don’t just put on a pair of leather shoes in the case of a suit. In summer, these leather shoes can also wear new tricks.

I believe that many gentlemen and sportsmen have a pair of leather shoes that they like in their wardrobe. After all, the elegant gentleman charm brought by leather shoes to the style cannot be given by trendy sports shoes. And the classic leather shoes matching styles are also very diverse, which can create different charms in summer.

Many partners may also think that the style of wearing leather shoes will look very old-fashioned. In fact, this situation is that the style does not highlight the unique side, and the overall style is not well controlled.

1. Pay attention to changes in shoe styles
The changes in leather shoes styles allow you to cope with various occasions, so you should match them according to your own needs when choosing. Just like different styles, different color changes, and different material characteristics, you need to take into account, so the combined shape Will become more perfect.

Just like from Oxford shoes to loafers, from black to brown, from smooth leather to suede, changes will completely change the style of modeling, so the matching of leather shoes will not be monotonous, so that you can wear it in summer. The temperament of an elegant gentleman.

Since you need a pair of leather shoes to create a decent look, you must wear them more tastefully.

①What style to choose

There are various styles of leather shoes. When used to create a casual and fashionable style, some too formal styles can be avoided, but the shoes should not be too fancy or individual, which will also be difficult to control. You can choose some classic styles of Brooch carved elements, so that the shape will not appear very rigid.

Derby shoes and loafers are the first choice in summer styles, and they are more comfortable and breathable to wear, which are very suitable for daily commuting.

②What color to choose

Unlocking the black and brown shapes is perfect enough. These two colors are the most classic colors in leather shoes, and they will be very versatile. Even if you choose Oxford shoes, it can be matched with different styles. Don't try other brightly colored leather shoes, unless it is needed for stage styling.

Some partners may think that black will look dull, but because the leather material of the shoe is reflective, the shape created will not appear dull, but it will make the shape more elegant and calm.

The brown style is more casual and fashionable, especially some brown Oxford shoes and Monk shoes. Although the style is very formal, after using the brown design, it retains the formal style and does not appear too traditional, so This color is highly recommended for creating a casual style.

③What material to choose

In the choice of materials, the styles of smooth leather and suede are generally, and the styles created by the suede styles will be more casual and can be matched with various styles of pants, so this material of leather shoes is also worth choosing.

In the summer, friends can try some suede loafers to create a comfortable and elegant shape, whether it is matched with shorts or trousers, the shape is very decent.

2. Diversified matching styles
When styling, you must pay attention to the overall effect, especially to create a fashionable style. If it is not handled well, it is easy to appear stereotyped or inconsistent.

①Brown leather shoes + beige tone

When brown leather shoes are paired with off-white tones, the shape looks very elegant. A slightly loose-fitting white T paired with off-white slacks makes the color uniform, while a pair of brown loafers make the shape more visible. Easy going.

Some gentlemen and sportsmen are also keen to use off-white trousers with white shirts. Although the styling tone is very overall, it is necessary to avoid being too monotonous. At this time, with a pair of brown leather shoes and a brown belt, the layering of the shape is immediately enriched, and these two items also make the shape more refined and tasteful.

②With nine-point pants

Casual cropped trousers and leather shoes are also good partners. The lower body is handled well in the styling, and the overall matching will become easier. Matching a pair of black leather shoes in a black tone will make the shape look cool. The contrast printing effect of the T-shirt makes the shape more eye-catching.

The collocation of nine-point trousers and white T is also very classic. It can easily show the charm of simplicity and atmosphere. The ankle of the nine-point trousers also makes the shape of the leather shoes easy-going.

Leather shoes are paired with nine-point slacks, and the elegant gentleman style of a shirt is naturally prominent. At this time, we must deal with the shape of the clothes. Do not have the effect of tightening and loosening, and the style will be more decent and fashionable.

③With jeans

The style of leather shoes with jeans is also a must for a sportsman. Although jeans are very rugged, the single product of leather shoes is also very masculine, so the combination of sportsman style is very outstanding. The shape of jeans with white T is a classic in the fashion circle, and the shape of a pair of leather shoes is even more perfect.

Matching shirts can also show an elegant style. At this time, the shirt should also maintain a fit version, and the effect of the jeans cuffs makes the shape more refined. This combination is very suitable for some calm gentlemen. Therefore, in addition to matching suits, leather shoes can also create diversified style charm in summer.