Play cool mix and match suits and change your boring impression! Make you truly elegant!


Play cool mix and match suits and change your boring impression! Make you truly elegant!


Play cool mix and match suits and change your boring impression! Make you truly elegant!


Just like the sexy charm of girls wearing little black dresses, the wearing of a fashionable suit seems to have an innate charm for boys. Sexy, mature and elegant. These labels are best displayed on the suit look. However, suits are often labeled as boring, but are suits really so "boring"?

   Mix and match, called Mix and Match in English. We often try to combine items of different styles and materials, so that the look that combines the upper body is not only fashionable, but also has our own understanding of the clothes and clothes, not following the trend, unique and clear-cut.

   is no longer the set of suits or leather shoes that should be in the established impression. The neatly tailored suit jacket with jeans, sneakers, and loafers are equally stunning. The casual denim is matched with sunny and refreshing sneakers, and the look of the suit under the mix and match has a fashionable look.

   Cool mix and match suits: 1, suit jacket x jeans

If you want to ask about clothing that can accommodate a man's body, it is a suit. Regardless of the shape of the boy, under the sophisticated tailoring of the suit, it can be set off by the upright and stylish after wearing. When the tailored-fit fashionable suit meets the casual and sunny jeans, this combination seems to be a little more innovative than the suit.

Blue business suits are paired with blue jeans. The combination of blue and blue seems to be a combination that cannot be ignored under this year's fashion trend. The combination of two items of the same color but different materials and textures creates a rich The sense of hierarchy.

   Cool mix and match suits: 2, suit jacket x sneakers

It seems that in Korean TV dramas, suits and sneakers have become standard for oppas, but even all-match sneakers should not be worn boldly after encountering a suit. Choosing the right style of sneakers and suits has become an indispensable homework.

   The first thing to pay attention to is that the length of the trousers should not be too long, otherwise it will look too casual and shorten the proportion of the legs. As for sports shoes, try to avoid high-top styles. Shallow-mouth sports shoes are a good choice. Black and white colors can be selected for the color, and the look of the suit is more prominent.

   Cool mix and match suits: 3. Suit jacket x slacks

Casual pants are not only suitable for casual occasions, in formal occasions, you can often see fashionistas wearing them. The mix and match of slacks and suits complements the elegance of boys and gentlemen. Replace the old suit pants and put on the suits and slacks!

   The look with a suit and casual pants seems to be a better choice for men besides leather shoes. Casual pants are casual and sexy, not as serious and dull as suit pants. The exposed ankle part has a unique visual effect, and the masculine temperament is prominent.