What shoes look good with men's winter jeans?


What shoes look good with men's winter jeans?


What shoes look good with men's winter jeans?


The foundation of any good all-purpose autumn and winter clothing is composed of two key parts: a pair of beautiful and sturdy shoes and a pair of high-quality jeans. As long as you put these two items together, the sense of fashion will naturally follow.

This sounds simple, but the basics are the most difficult. Inappropriate jeans with unsuitable shoes-there are 100 ways that unsuitable shoes and pants will make the wearer look funny and uncoordinated.

This is why so many men are unwilling to take off sneakers that are not ventilated and not warm in the coldest winter, because this is their only confident match.

However, you should not be discouraged because of this, as long as you have a little professional knowledge and some daily fixed collocations, you can also wear jeans and shoes to look good. Here are some basic principles of jeans and shoes matching and some nice matching templates.

The basic principle of jeans with shoes


Make sure your match looks coordinated. This is the key to making your shoes and jeans look good. For example, a pair of low-key Chelsea boots with rough denim will never look good. On the contrary, wearing heavy boots with tight pants in winter is not a good idea.

Make sure that the style of your jeans and shoes complement each other, and vice versa. It’s always okay to make your legs look thinner, but for thicker shoe shapes, such as work boots or thick winter boots, you can consider straight or loose trouser legs. Since your collection of shoes is generally not as large as pants, if your jeans don’t match your shoes, then you can change to another one.

Selection of color

As far as the color matching of shoes and jeans is concerned, there are almost no taboos. However, in order to really make a set of collocation features, then we must find some of the best coordinated colors.

Generally speaking, avoid any color matching that is too close, unless it is black to black. Light-colored denim and light-colored boots are not easy to make mistakes. Be aware that washed jeans and dark brown shoes may not be in harmony.

Tuck or not tuck the trouser legs

Whether to tuck the pants into the boots, this question has always plagued men from the beginning. Today, let's make things clear once and for all: Don't tuck your trouser legs.

Unless you are a supermarket security guard or a member of a Korean boy group in the early 21st century, your trousers should never be stuffed into your shoes. You should roll up the long trouser legs. A more correct way to deal with is: put the trouser legs near the ankle, or just rolled up to the position of the ankle.

Five ways to wear shoes with jeans

All black match

An all-black outfit with black leather boots may remind you of Edward Scissorhands, but in fact, all-black boots and jeans are very versatile, and you can adapt to most occasions with a little care.

Want a little rock and roll? No problem, match it with a black leather jacket and a pair of black Chelsea boots. On cold days, put on a knit sweater, as long as you make sure that every piece of clothing is fit and neat, you can wear a low-key gentleman feeling.

If you don't like leather, then a simple black pullover and t-shirt will make you look more casual.

Business Casual

Office dress code in modern society has become more and more relaxed, unless you are one of the few unlucky people, the company boss requires that you must wear a suit every day, otherwise shoes and jeans can provide an excellent night for your lower body. Five choices.

Finding a balance between business wear and casual wear is the key, so it's a good idea to pair it with some kind of sports jacket. A classic sports jacket looks more angular, but some more comfortable and casual styles will look better.

In the choice of shoes, the business fan chooses Chelsea boots or Derby shoes. As for denim, the darker the color, the more beautiful it looks.

Low-key and simple

Under normal circumstances, less men's clothing is beautiful, and new styles of shoes and jeans are no exception. Simplicity is a good way. It can make your outfit more versatile, less worrying, stable and foolproof, so you can also throw away unnecessary things and return to the most basic outfit.

High-quality plain T-shirts, crew neck sweaters, Oxford shirts, denim and boots are the undisputed wardrobe overlords. They are not picky and unassuming, and they work well when used alone, but they are also hard to pick when paired together.

Don't use branded clothes and heavy-looking accessories, but keep everything clean and tidy. Black shiny leather or suede Chelsea boots are a good minimalist choice, but don't be afraid to experiment with different styles and colors. For example, the beige suede desert boots are a classic design that can be matched with anything.

White denim

You may think that white jeans are difficult to wear and look good, but if you match them properly, they can be a valuable item.

Matching dark boots with white jeans is one of the special cases outside the principle of "light-colored denim with light-colored shoes" mentioned earlier. This conflicting collocation is a perfect way to create a dress-up contrast that looks quite sharp and at the same time very fashionable.

Contrast is the key word for this match, so you need to make sure your shoes and upper body are dark to maintain balance. Consider wearing a pullover and lapel shirt for leisure activities, or wear a lapel t-shirt and a short shawl jacket. No matter how you wear it, you must stay away from red wine and dirty chairs. If you also wear white pants, I think you must understand what I mean.

Weekend leisure

Whether you are going for a walk in the park on a Sunday afternoon or meeting friends in a bar, as long as the right jeans and the right shoes are used, you will be at ease.

A simple t-shirt or polo shirt, paired with slim jeans and casual shoes, coupled with a lightweight jacket, is definitely the best choice for a casual dress for the weekend. It is simple, stylish, and versatile, enough to help you get through most social occasions on Saturday or Sunday.

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