The style of leather shoes and jeans may not be trendy, but it is definitely a classic


The style of leather shoes and jeans may not be trendy, but it is definitely a classic


The style of leather shoes and jeans may not be trendy, but it is definitely a classic


Especially for some men who have already married, the classic collocation is your best companion. The classic collocation can withstand the baptism of the trend and can leave you a lot of money in dressing and dressing. Classic collocation. The more you look at it, the more you have a taste. The reason why it can become a classic is definitely its value.

We use every classic single product to have a sense of quality, and styles that do not require individuality and trends can also express their attitude towards fashion.

Matching with a white T looks like there is no extra place. This classic style is the favorite of every sportsman. Leather shoes and leather belts make the style not monotonous.

Leather shoes, jeans and a white T are enough to show your masculine charm, and the classic and simple shape wears a chic fashion.

The simpler the styling, the more attention to details. In addition to the above mentioned length of pants, the trousers should be rolled up when appropriate, and the top version for business casual style must be fitted, and the shoes, belts and bags must be in the material or color The above can also be echoed, so that the shape is more complete and richer.

When matching the shirt, you can choose the style of the pants in the middle and high. After all, the shape of the shirt hem is more gentlemanly, and the overall proportion of the body will look better.

The long-sleeved shirt in the business style can also show an elegant and formal side. With a pair of loafers and jeans, it is much more relaxed and easy-going.

In the styling, the sleeves of the shirt are well rolled, and the shape and image will definitely add a lot of points, so when wearing a shirt to create a casual style, pay attention to the treatment of the sleeves.

Even when the shirt is worn outside, the sleeves can also be rolled up, so that the shape is richer.

The shape of the denim shirt is very suitable for the changes in the spring weather. When paired with leather shoes and jeans, the shape is also very rough, making the shape more masculine.

Compared with fitted jeans, a loose and straight version makes the look more easy-going. For partners with thicker or not straight legs, this version is simply a benefit, and it can well conceal the shortcomings of these collocations.

With a white suit, the overall tone of the shape is very harmonious, the light color looks more elegant and concise, and a pair of loafers are stylish and low-key.

The individual style of jeans makes the style more outstanding, and it can also create a street fashion style with a work jacket style.

Patches and loose edges are a major feature of jeans. When paired with loafers, the look shows a sense of laziness and casualness. The sea blue color of the whole body makes the look very refreshing.

If you still have a brown leather coat in your closet, it can be used with leather shoes. Classic styles like this will never go out of style.

The rigorous shirt and tie shape inside shows a serious masculinity, the leather jacket also makes the shape unruly, and the color echo of leather shoes and leather clothes makes the shape very integrated.

The style of leather shoes and jeans will not be monotonous. A white shirt is formal for a gentleman, and when a Hawaiian shirt is used, the look will have a hint of yuppie style.

Therefore, when matching leather shoes and jeans, you should appropriately use the version and style characteristics of the single product to make the shape more diversified and perfect, and put your own fashion attitude in the shape.


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