Have you been recruited by boys wearing five minefields?


Have you been recruited by boys wearing five minefields?


Have you been recruited by boys wearing five minefields?


Sometimes the matching of boys is really something that no one can understand casually. Some really weird outfits look really good in their eyes. Do boys really don’t know what a match is? The following editor will take you to look at a few ways to scare away girls. If you still have this match now, please correct it quickly, otherwise there will be women. What about friends?

   1. Don't always wear plaid shirts

The plaid shirt is a very classic fashion item, but if you can only wear it with the same effect as a programmer, I advise you to give up. Without good dressing skills, you only have "earth" in the plaid shirt. 2. Throw away your leggings

Tights??? You are not a girl, you want to show the beauty of women's lines? Wearing tights will only make you look damsel, and girls will only avoid it when they see it.

  3. Do not wear clothes with large logo patterns

The most taboo of this kind of big LOGO is the cartoon pattern. I'm afraid that people don't know that you are a cartoon fan? You must wear it on your body? Wearing this cartoon pattern clothes, you are not far from the "earth". There is also a big pattern is the brand logo, the oversized logo pattern will make you look more tacky

   4. Board shoes are higher than sports shoes

Put your sneakers temporarily aside. The effect of small sneakers is higher than that of your sneakers. They are also very versatile styles. Suits and sports styles can be easily matched.

  5. Do not show the sock when wearing leather shoes

Boys should not show their socks in summer when they wear leather shoes, and wear longer socks in winter, so that they will look fashionable.


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