How to match jeans with leather shoes and socks


How to match jeans with leather shoes and socks


Since styling sometimes needs to show the ankles, how to match socks to make the styling more outstanding, after all, a pair of socks will also affect the style of the styling.

Dark stockings are the best choice in autumn and winter or when creating a stable style, so that the shape is easier to control.

It is enough to expose your ankles in spring and summer. No matter you wear a pair of shallow mouth invisible socks with Derby shoes, Oxford shoes or loafers, the problem can be solved.

Individual printed socks and leather shoes are also very good. In the fashion circle, we all know that the group of sportsmen at the Italian Pitti Uomo menswear show loves colorful socks. Once they have become the mainstream of fashion, but you are in the Canadian Prime Minister Truu Duo will also find that printed socks have been brought into the political and business world by him.

There are also many styles of colorful printed socks. Individual patterns, classic polka dots and stripes are common, and these styles are easier to control.

But you can't choose stripes or polka dots blindly, and pay attention to whether the overall color matching of the socks is coordinated. This is not only versatile, but also reflects the sense of taste in the shape.

With a large area of dark color and a little contrasting color embellishment, the shape of the socks will not be too public, but it can also exude a strong appeal.

Jeans with leather shoes are calm and not rigid

The style of jeans with leather shoes will not be as formal as matching trousers, and the style will become much more casual, but as an old-school sportsman, he always pays attention to his dressing taste, and he must be gentleman and steady, but not too rigid.

In the show, designers have also made the styles of leather shoes, jeans and suits more diverse. Classic leather shoes, elegant suits and retro-style washed patch jeans make the style fashionable and natural, which is very suitable for daily life. Casual dress code.

Junya Watanabe 2019 autumn and winter show conference▲

Suits are the favorite of men in the workplace. The style with jeans and leather shoes looks very stable, and the style will not look like a conservative.

It is very decent to be able to attend some ordinary meetings or meet with customers. Generally, I want to make the styling more formal and business. Oxford shoes and Monk shoes are the most recommended.

In terms of color, the brown style looks more versatile when matched with the dark blue tone, and the shape is more concise.

When creating a business style, the trousers are generally fitted to fit, so that the styling looks more capable.

When wearing a shirt and tie, the formality of the shape immediately improved a lot, and the shape was also very rigorous.

When matching loafers in spring and summer, the length of the trousers must not be too long, otherwise the styling will appear too casual and even give people a sense of sloppy.

If you think traditional Oxford shoes are a bit formal, then a pair of leather shoes with brogue carving craftsmanship can make the look a lot more casual.

There is a pair of exquisite leather shoes, and the shape will not look monotonous no matter how you wear it. At this time, the problem of the shape of the clothes must be emphasized again. The shape that fits in the business style is the guarantee of your elegant gentleman.

The contrast of jeans and suits makes the look more casual. With a pair of suede loafers, this is the daily casual dress of the old-school sportsman.

A gentleman's rigorous styling can not only create a business casual style at work, but also suit daily wear. Such a versatile styling is what men in the workplace need.


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