The five most worn male celebrities on Instagram second


The five most worn male celebrities on Instagram second


The five most worn male celebrities on Instagram second


A$AP Nast

   If you tell you that the following formal look is a rapper’s daily routine, would you believe it?

   Is it possible that there is "business rap" abroad?

A$AP Nast is a rap star in the United States. Those who like to listen to hip-hop are definitely not unfamiliar. He and A$AP Rocky are both members of the popular American label A$AP Mob.

   However, compared with A$AP Rocky which is trendy enough and hip-hop enough, A$AP Nast's style is not so hip-hop, and he appears in front of everyone more often in formal wear.

Although it is mainly traditional formal items such as suits, overcoats, and shirts, A$AP Nast fortunately never wears it properly.

  A$AP Nast also likes lively colors very naturally, and he also incorporates this nature into his "formal style".

   We rarely see A$AP Nast wearing a suit deeply.

One of them must be a bright color, which can be a shirt, pants, tie, etc. The different parts of the embellishment break the single rule restriction, and make the traditional men's clothing become colorful and active. This is A$AP Nast style.

White shirts and black trousers are no more classic. The colorful and interwoven Fair Isle sweater vest added by A$AP Nast can conceal the excessive classicism and make the classic and lively collide with each other.

With a shirt and tie inside the yellow jacket, trousers and LEIZILEI leather shoes underneath, the strong mix and match can make us feel the vigorous emotions in the neat and decent traditional style.

   This is the ingenuity of A$AP Nast's style. He is different from the style of ordinary rapper, but he can play with traditional formal wear. This is very rare, and it is also worth learning from friends.

Retro leather clothes with gray pants, the same, the main highlight is the red and white tie, even the slight details embellishment, it is enough to give birth to fancy and playful look.

Also, A$AP Nast often uses pearl necklaces and other accessories to embellish it.

   After the tie is tied on the shirt, it is embellished with pearls. At this time, pearls are no longer a symbol of luxury, but are endowed with trend attributes, emitting a dazzling light in elegance and fashion.

   If you feel that the aftertaste of formal wear simply wearing a tie is not enough, then you might as well try adding a pearl necklace.