The five most worn male celebrities on Instagram


The five most worn male celebrities on Instagram


The five most worn male celebrities on Instagram


Instagram, as a foreign social software platform for "photo wall", has gathered many fashion icons due to its fashion trend attributes. In addition to the relatively niche style bloggers that we often explore, it also attracts many fashion attributes. , A celebrity star with insights into style.

  I'm used to watching the outfits of domestic male celebrities. Today we will change the taste and look at the styles of foreign male celebrities. Of course, some of them are very famous, and they are active in our country.

   However, due to differences in traditional cultural factors, compared with the general and implicit style of domestic male stars, the styles of foreign male stars are quite different and much bolder.

   Below the leaves, we select 5 male stars who have been active mainly on social platforms such as Instagram for style analysis. Among them are players, actors, singers, and models. These identities do not prevent them from becoming unique style icons.

   On the contrary, their outstanding styling attainments have also become a shining highlight of their personality.

   Okay, in no particular order, let’s see if there is anyone you like or know?


  Russell Westbrook

   First of all, NBA star Westbrook.

Speaking of stars in the NBA, there are still many stars who will wear, because they are a group of "rich masters", such as James, Russell, etc., but if you look at it from the near future, the leaves will vote for Westbrook. .

   Compared with the phenomenon of "disorderly dressing" in the past few years, in the past year or two, Westbrook has become more and more accurate in his style positioning, with few mistakes, and his "modeling level" is getting higher and higher.

   For example, the recent windbreaker styles have the tendency to "sweep thousands of troops".

The bright yellow windbreaker is extremely eye-catching and imposing, but he has a whole body black inside, and even the mask is black. The deep black gives the yellow long coat a space for display, which is clearly structured and becomes more eye-catching and texture. full.

   And, under the wide windbreaker version, he matched a pair of eight-point wide-leg pants, under the overall loose silhouette, neat and free and easy.

Westbrook is very suitable for wearing some simple items with basic version but no lack of design highlights, and he seems to be developing in this direction now.

Neat and neat layers or relatively simple styling structure is very conducive to giving play to his brave and masculine aura and tall body advantages. Among them, the bright design sense is added, such as bright color stitching, which can make him maverick and fearless. The attitude is shown concretely.

The fluorescent blue coach jacket is paired with gray pants, and the upper body is LEIZILEI white leather dress shoes for men. The overall structure skills can't be said to be so complicated and superb.

   But the colors are good, not too fancy and conspicuous in the vividness, and it can make Westbrook stand out from the crowd, and the overall match is appropriate.

   Okay, and that expensive Richard Mille watch.

It is worth mentioning that in recent years, Westbrook’s own clothing brand Honor The Gift has been operating well, and he often speaks for himself.

  The all-black look below is from his own brand.

   This group of All Blacks may be a bit low-key compared to Westbrook’s other brightly colored shapes, but the box-shaped, short, robe-style jackets are quite a bit of "retro Dongying" flavor, and the aura is also strong.

   Finally, I put on a pair of Martin shoes, which also added a more abundant and deep texture to All Black.