Oxford shoes must be the first classic for a gentleman


Oxford shoes must be the first classic for a gentleman

Oxford shoes must be the first classic for a gentleman


 Speaking of gentlemen's essential shoes, Oxford shoes must be the first classic item. They can bear the model of fashion and can withstand the waste of time. A pair of elegant Oxford shoes can be worn formal and casual, enough for you to deal with any occasion, reflecting the exquisite taste of a man.

Oxford shoes were originally popular at Oxford University in England. In the middle of the 17th century, a kind of boots called "Jackboot" was very popular. However, the maverick brothers of Oxford University didn't like this kind of squeeze boots, so they changed it to a low-top style. The title of "Oxford shoes".

The improved Oxford shoes quickly emerged in the upper class and appeared in various banquet and ballrooms. The famous Hollywood actor Fred Astaire is a loyal fan of Oxford shoes. Wearing Oxford shoes and dancing with Audrey Hepburn, he still seems to have a fashionable sense of breaking out of the screen.

Nowadays, Oxford shoes have become the first choice for gentlemen. Every man must have a pair in his shoe cabinet. In fact, seemingly formal and serious Oxford shoes can be matched with many possibilities. Casual business style Oxford shoes and sleeves match.
Can form a perfect British gentleman dress, whether it is an interview or business talks and other formal occasions, a pair of textured Oxford shoes will make you look calm and decent. For business and leisure occasions, you can also wear a pair of bright socks to wake up the whole body at once. The brown Oxford shoes have an extra touch of casualness, which is very suitable for easy workday wear, and can be cleverly echoed with a casual suit that is also earthy. It can also be replaced with a more full-bodied plaid suit from the British fan, and the Oxford shoe set cp has a low-key and gorgeous fashion sense. The simple lines best reflect the skill and neatness of business men. This pair of ThomWills Oxford shoes are elegant and stylish. The upper is hand-polished, which makes the shoes more three-dimensional and has a mellow retro charm. The best partner for Oxford shoes is a suit. This navy blue suit is not as dull as a black suit. The narrow flat collar looks more refined and elegant. The wool blend fabric brings a crisp version, soft and comfortable to the touch.

With the popularity of retro style, light retro style has become popular among sportsmen. Oxford shoes with a sense of age are the best shoes for shaping light retro style. Used to match the suede jacket that is very charming in itself, there is an inherent sense of harmony. With a checkered windbreaker, the ankles are exposed, so you can look stylish even if you are not tall.
The retro painter hat also has a special flavor. Casual pants can be matched with a retro jacket to have a sense of British style and youth at the same time. With a simple plaid shirt, you can easily wear a Scottish style. Remember that the pants are either short or rolled to lengthen the legs. The material brings a retro and low-key feeling, and the dark brown color matching with exquisite brooch carvings is gorgeous and elegant. Goodyear hand-sewn, the shoes are stronger and lighter. Men who want to take the retro route are worth a try. Motorcycle leather jackets are slightly flirty, and with a pair of steady Oxford shoes, the arrogance of leather jackets can be calmed immediately. The leather jacket is made of thick cowhide, which has been distressed and has a unique charm. Although Oxford shoes give people a formal feel, but if your clothes are good enough, you can also use them to mix and match with street-style clothing. Pair it with jeans to add a little more to the casual outfit. The slightly fancy striped shirt has the balance of black Oxford shoes, and is also much more modern and advanced.
Unexpectedly, the "Wen Chong" Oxford shoes are also perfectly compatible with the popular "three-stripe" sports pants. The casual look of the upper body turns sharply under the feet, and there is a conflicting beauty, which is more flavorful than matching sneakers. . The often classic Bullock carved Oxford shoes, the "W"-shaped nail holes are beautiful, and the delicate routing is matched with delicate cowhide, which reflects the gentleman style in the details. After more than one hundred manual processes, both quality and foot feel. The mix-and-match style is not a day or two in the fashion circle. If you are worried about your bad control, a black sports jacket is a good medicine. The simple half zipper design and the letter print on the chest are a bit American and casual. It can also be used with Oxford shoes. compatible.