Do you really know the common classification of gentleman leather shoes?


Do you really know the common classification of gentleman leather shoes?


Do you really know the common classification of gentleman leather shoes?


With the development of the times, all kinds of leather shoes have appeared in the eyes of the public in an endless stream, which is dazzling, so that many people do not know what to buy when buying leather shoes. Today I will tell you Talk about the common classification of gentleman's habits, see if you have or do you know them all?



1. Oxford shoes


This shoe is the most common and often appears on office workers, and it feels formal. There are 4 styles in Oxford shoes:


One-piece oxford shoes: made of a whole piece of leather, except for a seam on the heel, there is no connection in the rest, and it is perfectly matched with the dress.

Flat-toe Oxford shoes: There is no stitching or carving on the toe. The style is elegant and elegant, and it can be matched with a formal suit.

Toe cap Oxford shoes: More complicated is the Oxford shoes with toe cap, there will be a piece of stitching leather at the toe, which is a semi-formal leather shoe. Relatively casual dresses are not recommended, especially tuxedos.

Winged Oxford shoes: This shoe is also known as the Baroque carved shoe. The leather on both sides extends to the middle, closed and solemn.


2. Derby shoes


Derby shoes are another major category of leather shoes. The biggest difference between it and Oxford shoes is the openness of the placket. The biggest feature of Oxford is the closed placket. The leather on both sides extends to the middle, wrapping and covering the tongue. Derby is an open placket. The tongue and upper are made of the same piece of leather, and the wings on both sides are tied tightly and there will be some space. Therefore, it feels much easier to wear than Oxford shoes. It is more suitable for wider or wider feet. Sportsman with high instep.



3. Monk shoes/Meng Ke


The shoes mentioned above are all lace-up shoes, suitable for formal and semi-formal occasions. If you don't want to look too solemn, you can also consider monk shoes with leather buckles. There are also three types of monk shoes, but the only change is the number of leather buckles. The most common shoes nowadays are mostly two-buckle shoes. In English, it is Double monk, single-buckle is called Single monk, and three-buckle is Triple monk.



4. Loafers Shoes


Loafers are known as lazy shoes. The biggest advantage is that they are easy to put on and take off and can be matched with all kinds of casual clothes.



5. Chelsea boots


Two of the boots are the more popular Chelsea and desert boots. The appearance of Chelsea boots is relatively simple, the shoe body is higher than the ankle, and there are elastic elastic bands on both sides. The overall feeling is more British, it can be matched with formal or casual clothes.


The above are the most common gentleman shoes, do you know them all? Leather shoes are already indispensable in life, so if you don’t have a pair of suitable leather shoes, these are very good choices.


And in you can fund them all.