"Matte" leather, more masculine when worn


"Matte" leather, more masculine when worn


"Matte" leather, more masculine when worn


Men will not mature, they will only grow old. But a man wearing leather shoes will become a lot more mature in an instant, and then comb his hair into a handsome look. The hormones emanating from all over his body do not know how many people he wants to attract. But at the same time, it should not be too high. Excessive maturity risks becoming old-fashioned. Therefore, you still need to control that degree. At this time, the benefits of business casual leather shoes are highlighted. Extravagance has extravagance.

All-match casual leather shoes, enjoy the quality of life

From the appearance, we can feel that it is more casual than some more traditional dress shoes. And there is a gradient color treatment at the toe cap, which is not visible on the black model, so compared to the two colors, it is recommended that you choose this one. It can more highlight the noble temperament. , Make its advantages visible to the naked eye. And in my opinion, why is there a little bit of appetite that is inexplicable? It's like this kind of cake is sprinkled with chocolate powder, I want to eat it!

From the picture above, it seems that the whole pair of shoes is quite long, but in fact, it looks good when viewed from the front. The proportions of the front and rear parts of the shoes are designed to be very appropriate, which can show both a mature and stable side, but also a casual and casual side. And this is regardless of age, whether it is your boyfriend or your dad, there is no sense of disobedience to wear it, and people of different ages wear it, it can be mastered in the style and temperament of different age groups.

Handmade, light and luxurious

Let’s proceed to the interpretation of the material. First, let’s take a look at its overall fabric upper which uses soft cowhide. You can see that the texture is very fresh and the texture is very delicate. The advantage of this material is its very strong toughness. It is easy to take care of, and it will give us a luster of patent leather, which is very comfortable and durable, and also looks good. And soft cowhide will not wear feet, which means that you don't have to have a running-in period with it during the new shoe period.

The inside of the shoes is the first layer of pigskin. The reason for using this material is to ensure the air permeability inside. Because it is in direct contact with the skin, the whole touch is very important. Only a comfortable touch will make us wear it. When this pair of shoes, the whole person is in a state of enjoyment, and it is also necessary to ensure that it will not be stuffy, otherwise it is easy to have sweaty feet or smelly feet.

Finally, let's take a look at its workmanship, the whole still has a strong sense of British business, very strong and durable. The handmade stitching on the upper can be seen. The stitching is very delicate and the direction is very uniform. This is a characteristic of a pair of high-quality handmade leather shoes. It is difficult to see on other shoes, so this It is also one of the reasons why it is called high-end business and leisure type.

The sole is a very classic rubber sole, the purpose is to help slip resistance, while increasing a certain degree of elasticity, this material is also more wear-resistant, it will not appear for a little longer time. And it solves the non-slip problem of many leather shoes, which greatly increases the safety when wearing it.

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