How to match men's suits with the right shoes


How to match men's suits with the right shoes


How to match men's suits with the right shoes


With the progress of the times, diversified elements have increased. Nowadays suits can be held not only with monotonous leather shoes. Nowadays, suits are most often matched with casual shoes. The further success of casual shoes, whether it is matching Casual wear or suit, both are displayed in the most fresh and decent state with rich temperament.

1. All-match low-cut

For suits, there are high-top and low-top casual shoes, but there are often more choices of low-top, whether it is the overall sense of matching, or low-top is more suitable for summer wear, more suits choose low Help casual shoes can be easily matched with your feet.

2. Low-key and simple

For formal wear such as suits, don't choose too many cumbersome embellishments, and directly match the best with low-key and simple casual shoes.

At this time, you can use pure-color casual shoes such as small white shoes and small black shoes. Then pair it with an orthodox suit, embellish the formal suit in all simple and low-key ways.

3. Fit ratio

For suits with casual shoes, the most important thing is the overall look.

At this time, don't choose too many unfit items for matching. For example, if your body is thin, don't use platform shoes to match suits. If the whole body is too grand, don't match it with a light and casual type.

4. Suitable suit

Of course, the suit is still the focus, and how to choose the right suit is the key to matching.

However, the most common is to use all kinds of pure dark and light-colored suits with pure colors to create a deep and steady masculine temperament.

5. Comfortable tailoring

After choosing a good shoe and a suit, the tailoring of the suit is also very important! Choose a fit tailoring, organize the whole outfit comfortably, and don't let others look loose and casual. This is a big taboo.

6. Create an occasion

What kind of shoes to match with what kind of occasion, if you are attending a more grand occasion, it is recommended to wear formal rather than fancy casual shoes, it is best to use pure colors, so that you can see your seriousness and face For different types of occasions, it will not be embarrassing.

7. Not limited to plain colors

8. Shoelaces with shoe color

Refusing to exaggerate is one of the biggest characteristics of suits with casual shoes. Many men will add different types of shoelaces to shoes to make formal shoes look more unique, but remember! The choice of shoelaces must be combined with shoes. White with white, black with black, this is a formal match.

9. Accessories embellish the whole

10. Multi-material shoes

When it comes to casual shoes, what many people think of for the first time is that they are made of leather. In fact, it is not the case. For the current era of shoe frenzy, diversified shoes incorporating different types of materials to create different look and feel are also quite good choices.

11. Lining to wear

Suit lining is also one of the most important embellishments, so you can try different types of dressing on the lining, shirts, V-neck, square-neck and even round-necked T-shirts, with collisions of different colors to make the match produce more chemistry effect.

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