Wearing the right leather shoes, there are walking hormones everywhere


Wearing the right leather shoes, there are walking hormones everywhere


Wearing the right leather shoes, there are walking hormones everywhere


Leather shoes are an indispensable part of modern clothing. Whether it is matched with formal wear or casual wear, leather shoes play a very important role in the overall effect of dressing.

The correct collocation can reflect a person's cultural accomplishment, aesthetic ability and chic demeanor. "Look at the shoes to know men" shows the importance of shoes to men. Choosing the right shoes will not only add points to your image, but also make you more confident.

Next, the other brother will share some common styles according to the styles of leather shoes.

Oxford shoes Cap Toes

Three-joint Oxford shoes Classic style of Oxford shoes. The toe is divided by stitching. The proportion of the division is a test of the designer's level. Too short or too long will look strange. The ace agent "oxford, not brogues" refers to it. Degree of formality: 4.5 stars

Plain Toes two-joint Oxford shoes

The toe cap is plain, without any decoration, and there is a circle of stitches on the tongue. The formal level is only that of a wholecut Oxford shoe. Degree of formality: 4.5 stars

Derby shoes

Plain Derby shoes Orthodox style, without any decoration on the upper, it is also the most formal of Derby shoes. Degree of formality: 4.5 stars

Three joint derby shoes

Compared with plain Derby shoes, the toe cap is divided by a single stitch, and the upper is more layered. Degree of formality: 4 stars

Full Brogues Derby shoes

The "one" stitching on the toe cap has become a "W" wing pattern and the toe cap is also increased with a carved pattern. The carving on the entire vamp is slightly more complicated. This shoe style is not suitable for formal suits, but more suitable for casual suits or casual suits. Collocation of casual wear. Degree of formality: 2.5 stars

Monk shoes Single buckle plain Monk shoes

The whole shoe body has no decoration and is fixed by a single buckle horizontal strap. The style is very simple and generous, which is very suitable for formal occasions. Degree of formality: 4.5

Monk shoes with two buckles

The horizontal straps are locked by "U"-shaped stitching, which is a derivative of traditional Monk shoes. Degree of formality: 4.5

Double buckle plain monk shoes

Evolved from the ancient double-buckle Monk shoes, there is no decoration on the body of the shoe, which gives people a very capable feeling. Degree of formality: 4.5

The editor first introduces so much to everyone, different leather shoes can show different temperament, and at the same time, you must choose leather shoes that suit your temperament. After reading this article, even if you have not become a walking hormone, it is one step closer!