Men wear suits and the matching of leather shoes will reveal their clothing, so what should they wear?


Men wear suits and the matching of leather shoes will reveal their clothing, so what should they wear?


Men wear suits and the matching of leather shoes will reveal their clothing, so what should they wear?


Suits are a very important item for men. In addition to being a must-have for formal appearances, some business-style partners wear suits on their bodies every day. Formal, elegant, and gentleman are the greatest charms of suits. Generally, the purpose of wearing a suit is to show these temperament characteristics.

But a perfect shape is composed of every part, and every position from head to toe will affect the overall style. Many times wear a suit to create an elegant look, and the choice of leather shoes will also expose the clothes.

Although leather shoes play more of a role in styling, if you match them better, the styling will appear more refined and tasteful, which can add a lot of points to the styling. On the contrary, if the leather shoes are not selected properly, the styling will be greatly reduced.

Therefore, when choosing leather shoes in the styling of a suit, it should be carried out according to the overall color, style, figure and occasion. The shape created in this way will be more tasteful and can show your outstanding clothing.

1. The style characteristics of leather shoes

There are many styles of leather shoes. Almost all styles can be matched with suits. At this time, changes in the style of shoes will affect the overall style of the model.

From Derby shoes, loafers, Oxford shoes to sailing shoes, although each shoe has different characteristics, it can also be perfectly matched with suits. However, among the many leather shoes, Derby shoes, Oxford shoes and Monk shoes are more suitable for creating formal styles, which are necessary for business style styles.

①How to distinguish Derby shoes and Oxford shoes

Many partners can't distinguish between Derby shoes and Oxford shoes. In fact, there are still big differences in style design between these two leather shoes. It is the easiest to distinguish them from the characteristics of the upper.

Oxford shoes: The tongue and the upper are spliced, and the upper and the wing are connected together. The overall look of the shoe is very simple, and the shape created is more refined.

Derby shoes: The tongue and upper are made of a piece of leather, and the junction between the flap and the upper is open, so the effect of adjusting the elasticity of Derby shoes will be better, and it will be more friendly to partners with wide soles.

②Black and brown classic all-match

Generally used to match a suit, the color of the leather shoes does not need to be too bright, as long as the classic black and brown are worn well, the style of the model will be changeable enough.

There may also be many partners who think that you must choose black when you wear a suit and leather shoes. In fact, in the face of different styling tones, the color of the leather shoes can also be changed. The styles like brown are also very versatile.

When there are shoes in these two colors in the wardrobe, no matter how the colors of suits and trousers change, the shapes can be perfectly matched.

Often after the color of the pants changes, the color of the shoes will also be a highlight, which is directly related to the exquisiteness of the shape, so when you wear a suit, you should not be too blind when choosing leather shoes, otherwise the shape will fall short.

2. the combination of different colors

Although the shape of the suit seems very concise, there are still a lot of changes in the details, and there are different ways to deal with it in terms of shoe matching alone.

①Black suit: black leather shoes

Usually choosing black suits is to create a formal style, so in the choice of leather shoes, the black style is naturally the most classic, such as Oxford shoes and Derby shoes are the most versatile choices.

If you want to use loafers to create a formal style, then the length of the trousers must be handled well, avoiding the pleated version. The length of the trousers just touches the leather shoes, which will be more neat and atmospheric. At the same time, choose a pair of black styles for socks, and the shape will be more secure .

②Navy blue suit: black leather shoes, brown leather shoes

The navy blue suit is also a very classic style, and the appearance rate is very high. At this time, it will look formal and calm when paired with black leather shoes, and the versatileness of the style is also very good.

A navy blue suit with brown leather shoes will look fresher and more atmospheric than when paired with black leather shoes. It is very suitable for a combination of spring and summer colors. This is also a detail change in the shape.

Similarly, when a navy blue suit is paired with brown leather shoes, you can boldly try Monk shoes. After all, many partners will only choose Derby shoes, so the shape will easily appear monotonous, and the style of Monk shoes is relatively unique, which can make the shape change. More eye-catching.

③Gray suit: black leather shoes are the first choice

Similarly, gray suits are also a highly photographed style. At this time, it is also very versatile with black or brown leather shoes. Partners can choose according to their style. Like a formal style, then black leather shoes are a good choice, which can make the style more stable and formal.

When paired with black leather shoes, the black and white gray tone of the shape is very atmospheric, coupled with the color echo of the tie and leather shoes, the shape is very tasteful, and the charm of a calm gentleman can be easily created.

At this time, in the styling, the color of the bag can also be selected according to the color of the leather shoes, and the matching of the same color is a classic and perfect choice. Especially in the shape of a gray suit with black leather shoes, and then choose a black bag, then the whole will become richer and more layered.

If you use a gray suit with brown leather shoes to create a formal style, the color of the shoes can be darker, especially in the light gray suit shape, so that the overall look will be more stable and versatile.

④The color of the suit and pants: adjust according to the color tone and style

In the color contrast of suits and trousers, the choice of shoes will appear more flexible, but it still needs to be developed around the integrity of the shape. After all, after the upper and lower body hit the color, the tonal changes of the styling will become more difficult to control. At this time, if the styling is not handled well, it is easy to appear "chaotic".

Many partners know the "three-color principle" of suit styling, but when more colors appear, integrity becomes very important at this time, so clothing accessories must be coordinated with the whole. At this time, the color matching of leather shoes is very important. It's not that black styles are everything.

Just like in the navy blue suit with gray trousers, the three items of leather shoes, bags, and neckties are treated perfectly, making the shape rich and unified, while maintaining a formal and rigorous style.

White trousers and army green suits will make the look more casual. At this time, you can choose a pair of simple brown loafers. The look looks elegant and easy-going, which is very suitable for daily commuting.

The collocation of khaki suit and black pants is also very uniform in color. At this time, the style of leather shoes will change the overall style. With a pair of suede loafers of the same color as the suit, the shape will look relaxed and fashionable. If you match it with Oxford shoes It will be a lot more formal.

Therefore, in the styling of suits, make good use of the changes in leather shoe styles, and the styles are more diverse, which can show different tastes in the style.