How To Maintain Leather Bag

How to properly maintain your beloved leather bag?

Daily maintenance of leather bags

1. Avoid moisture

All leather goods should be protected from moisture.

Natural cortex has its own pattern and pores. Once it encounters water, these pores will expand and deform the cortex. However, if you accidentally get water, you can choose to wipe it with a soft towel and put it in a cool and ventilated place to dry. It should be noted that it must not be exposed to the sun or close to the heater. Quick drying will make the leather unable to recover. Soft and original elasticity. If you are in a hurry, you can also use a hair dryer to dry it with cold air, and finally apply a layer of special maintenance agent for leather goods to keep it delicate and shiny.

At the same time, it is not recommended to use waterproof and dustproof spray. This spray is very common and works well initially. However, because chemical agents have certain damage to the cortex, long-term use may cause hardening and cracking of the cortex.

2. Wipe frequently

Genuine leather bags will be stained with sweat, dust, oil smoke and other stains during use, so wipe your bag frequently to keep it away from these damages.

3. Avoid high temperature

Aaan found that some little fairies mentioned that after the bag was wet, it was directly dried in the oven or exposed to the sun, which would cause great damage to the leather, because the high temperature would seriously damage the leather, make its color fade, and greatly shorten the service life. .

When going out, little fairies don't leave their bags in the car. The bag placed in the trunk will go through high temperature in summer and low temperature in winter, which will cause the oil in the leather to volatilize, and the leather will harden, crack and age.

4. Avoid contact with chemicals and sharp objects

Many chemicals such as lotion, nail polish, etc. will erode the cortex and cause irreparable damage, while sharp objects such as knives and broken mirrors will scratch the cortex. Fairies must pay attention to the protection of leather bags when traveling~

5. Pay attention to the direction of the scales

Some snakeskin bags often have scales on the surface. These scales make the appearance of the bag more exquisite, but incorrect use and maintenance methods will cause these scales to warp or fall off. Anna specially reminds all the little fairies that you should pay attention not to touch your snakeskin bags against the direction of the scales in normal use, and you should also follow the direction of the scales when wiping.

6. Placement of cosmetics

Fairies should put cosmetics and mirrors in the cosmetic bag, and then put the cosmetic bag into the leather bag, so as to avoid the leakage of cosmetics and damage the cortex.

7. Dealing with wrinkles

Leather bags may have wrinkles due to improper use. Some fairies with less serious wrinkles can try to deal with them by themselves:

A. Spread a piece of clean non-fading cloth on the table, then place the wrinkled leather surface on the cloth, and then put a heavy object wrapped in cloth on the other side, so that after a few days of pressing with the heavy object, the wrinkles will disappear will be relieved.

B. You can choose a non-steam iron to improve the wrinkling. Pay attention to the temperature when ironing, try to control the ironing between 60~70℃. It should be noted that a layer of isolation cloth needs to be placed between the iron and the leather when ironing.

C. For severe wrinkles and deformations, it is best for fairies to send them to professional leather care institutions for professionals to deal with.

8. Dealing with minor wear and tear

When the bag is slightly worn, you can apply colorless and transparent leather maintenance cream on the worn area, wait for it to penetrate gradually, and then polish it with a clean dry cloth. In this way, not only can the leather be restored to luster, but also the moisture in the cortex can be effectively locked to keep it soft.

9. Keep the gloss of the patent leather bag

The biggest feature of patent leather bags is the visually bright color, and with the passage of time, the brightness will become lower and lower. At this time, you can use a glazing agent to polish it. Generally, once every two years is enough to maintain the luster.

10. Maintenance accessories are also very important

Many bags have metal accessories such as zippers, locks, etc. The maintenance of these accessories is also very important, because these accessories can make your bag look more beautiful. On the contrary, if these accessories oxidize, it will make your bag look more beautiful. The bag is covered with oxides, and these oxides are almost always difficult to clean.

11. Dress carefully

Do not wear dark clothing, especially dark jeans, with light-colored bags. Because the color on the clothes is easy to be stained on the bag, if it is a light-colored patent leather bag, it is more likely to be stained, and it is very troublesome to repair.

Wipe clean:

When cleaning the leather bags, fairies must pay attention, do not use hard objects for cleaning, it is recommended that fairies can use a soft brush to clean, so as not to damage the leather bags of fairies, another cleaning It's time to clean up along the lines~

1. stained with stains

When we use genuine leather bags, it is inevitable that we will accidentally damage some unclean stains. At this time, we must clean them in time, otherwise it will be difficult to wipe them after a long time.

A. General stains: Wipe with a soft cloth and a small amount of special leather maintenance cream (these cleaning products for leather will be specially added with active ingredients, which not only clean but also have maintenance effects, making the bag as bright as new), and you can also use facial cleanser on a daily basis Or toothpaste local cleaning;

Patent leather (glossy leather with mirror effect): Wipe with semi-wet cloth or paper towel with essential oil (do not use brightener or shoe polish to wipe patent leather, so as not to cause false coating on the surface to fall off); Note: After adding water to the leather bag, wipe it dry immediately, to avoid cracking and damage;

For light-colored cowhide or sheepskin, when using leather cleaning and maintenance oil (paste), you should try it in a small area first to avoid oil stains.

B. Stubborn stains: When the leather bag is stained with colored liquids and oils such as coffee and orange juice, first use a paper towel to absorb the liquid and then wipe it gently with a soft cloth. If there is any residue or discoloration, it should be sent for repair.

2. Treatment of mold and drenching

When the bag is not used for a long time and has mold or gets wet in rainy days, be sure to gently wipe off the rain or mold with a dry and soft cloth. It is absolutely forbidden to wash it with water, because water will make the leather hard and brittle, which is not conducive to save. After wiping it clean, it should be placed in a cool, dry and ventilated place, and let it dry naturally. Do not artificially use high temperature drying or drying.

3. The use of the eraser.

Some stains that are difficult to remove with a cloth (such as scratches from a ballpoint pen) can be wiped off gently with a clean eraser, and the effect is very obvious.

4. Maintenance of bag hardware

The hardware of the bag should be wiped with a dry cloth after use. If it is slightly oxidized, it can be wiped gently with flour + toothpaste + soft cloth.

Recommendation: Wipe with a silver cloth (do not wash the silver cloth no matter how black it is, as it will lose its effectiveness once the special coating on the outside is washed off).

If you encounter problems such as rusting, discoloration, and fading of hardware, fairies should not polish and polish them at will. It is recommended to send them to a leather care shop and let professionals handle them.

5. Regular maintenance

Finally, Anna suggested that fairies regularly send their leather bags to professional maintenance and cleaning centers for systematic and thorough cleaning; professional maintenance centers will add agents against mold during the cleaning process to eliminate all kinds of latent bacteria. The mold was gone.

6. Save when not in use:

A. In order to avoid discoloration caused by moisture and mildew during the storage of genuine leather bags, the bags should be thoroughly cleaned in all directions before storage, and air-dried naturally. If possible, you can also apply a layer of glycerin to the bags, which is more beneficial Long-term preservation.

B. When the bag is not in use, it should be placed in a cool place as much as possible. It can also be hung up or laid flat. The interface with the body of the bag is off-line; when laying flat, do not place other items on the body of the bag, so as not to deform or wrinkle the body of the bag.

C. Newly purchased bags, the dust bags and fillers when you buy them can be kept, wipe them clean and put them in when the bag is not in use, it is not easy to dirty the bag, and then put the fillers in place , so as to avoid bag deformation and wrinkles

D. When placing the leather bag at home, you must choose a good place. It is best to place it in a special place. Do not put it randomly, because once the leather bag is pressed out of wrinkles, it is difficult to repair, and even if it is repaired, There are also flaws.

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