What kind of shoes are suitable for men's jeans?


What kind of shoes are suitable for men's jeans?


What kind of shoes are suitable for men's jeans?


For some more commuting collocation methods, jeans can also be selected, but the selected jeans styles should not be too personalized, such as hole styles, various graffiti, contrasting styles, etc. It is not suitable to choose, because the working environment is too high-profile and Immature, so we should focus on simple design styles, and the color tone should be based on dark styles, such as pure black styles, dark blue styles, dark gray styles, etc., but bright and dazzling styles are all possible .

Let's talk about shoes again. The choice of shoes is also based on calm and mature styles. Styles that are too casual or too personalized should be avoided as much as possible. For example, the subject said that AJ and yeezy are relatively trendy styles. , The combination is too individual, that is, it is not low-key and calm enough, so try to avoid it. But it does not mean that casual shoes cannot be chosen. For example, casual shoes and sports shoes with simple design can still be chosen. They are relatively fresh and age-reducing, which is a more energetic and energetic matching choice.

1. Board shoes

There are many styles of sneakers, just by color, they can be divided into different color styles, such as the most common white shoes, black sneakers, gray sneakers, etc., provided that the design of the style must be simpler, the most Fortunately, the solid-color design style looks clean and not fancy, giving people an innocent impression. If you want to be more calm, then try to choose a dark style, such as black or dark gray.

Of course, if you want to have a clean, age-reduced and vibrant effect, then the white style is the best choice, that is, the small white shoes we usually say. Although the color is brighter, the clean and simple design style, plus The compact, not exaggerated and deliberate version is still more suitable as a collocation choice for commuting.

2. Chelsea boots

Formal Chelsea boots are also a good match choice, and they are very gentleman's taste, but they are usually high-top styles, so when matching, we must deal with the connection between jeans and jeans. , Do not cause serious accumulation of trousers.

Chelsea boots can also be divided into a variety of styles in color. Black is the most mature and stable, but it is more suitable for matching with black jeans to better coordinate. In addition to black, dark gray styles are also more formal and mature, but not as serious as black, so You can also choose a dark gray style. There are also camel styles, which are brighter and more casual. If you don't want to wear too serious and calm effect, then you can choose this type of style.

3. Loafers

In addition to Chelsea boots, loafers are also semi-formal shoes, that is to say, they are more formal in combination, and they also contain casual attributes, so they are not very different from Chelsea boots. The difference is that loafers are mainly low-top styles, and the version is relatively small. Therefore, when choosing jeans, try to choose the style with small feet as much as possible, which can be well coordinated with the compact loafers. .

4. Casual leather shoes

If you want to be more beautiful and formal, you can choose casual leather shoes to match. Why not choose formal leather shoes? Because formal styles are mixed and matched with casual jeans, there may be a certain sense of abruptness. In order to weaken such abrupt and inconsistent effects, we can give priority to choosing casual styles of leather shoes to match.

Of course, in addition to the above, you can also choose some other boots items to match. For example, Martin boots, tooling boots, etc., but the design must be based on dark and simple styles, because this type of style is the safest to match, and it is the easiest to match.

To sum up:

Generally speaking, in the working environment, shoes should be based on simple styles, and must not choose styles that are too individual and fancy, and they are too casual to match. Since the pants are casual jeans, the shoes should also be matched with casual styles as much as possible. The advantage is that the matching effect can be more coordinated and unobtrusive. If you want to match with a cleaner and age-reducing effect, then sneakers are better. Choice; and to match the effect of a more mature and calm, then you can choose casual leather shoes, Chelsea boots, loafers, these shoes.


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