What are the matching skills of loafers


What are the matching skills of loafers


In the 1950s and 1960s, American university campuses, especially the Ivy league (Ivy League). At that time, loafers were also one of the standard equipment for students in these institutions of higher learning.

And most of the loafers on their feet still have the following cut-out decoration, we call them Penny Loafers.

Translated into Chinese, it means "penny loafers." It is said that it takes one penny to make a call at the public telephone booth at that time, so students would put the penny in the cutout of the shoe for the convenience of calling home.

Not only do they like to wear loafers, but they also like to use white socks to match loafers, which has gradually become a style of them.

Today, many fashion blockbusters like to use loafers + white socks if they want to create an ivy style.

But now, many men may not appreciate leather shoes with white socks, even if they wear socks, they will choose other colors. And now in this weather, I believe you should like to show sexy ankles more.

Therefore, such sexy, elegant and connotative loafers are actually more versatile than many shoes.

#Color: The color is natural or the classic color of leather shoes. Black and brown are the first choice. But loafers are a bit different from leather shoes. If your style is more youthful and sunny, then I suggest you choose black.

If you are a familiar male route, you can consider adding a few more pairs of brown models with different shades.

In addition, if you like a little showy, you can also choose wine red and blue. But if the color is brighter, even if you want to choose, it is best to choose the style of frosted leather.

#Decoration: The dressing mentioned here is not to let you all wear CL's rivet hidden weapon, but a small decoration on the back of the shoe like the penny Carrefour above. If you take the low-key route, penny loafers with small cuts are enough.

You can also choose the horsebit decoration for a little more showy. Among this kind of loafers, the GUCCI family is the most famous.

If you want a more academic style or a yuppie style, then tassels are also a good choice.

#Material: Actually, there are a lot of materials for the uppers of loafers, but only those few are often worn. Needless to say, the leather surface must be the most practical and classic, almost independent of style and occasion.

Then there are suede or frosted leather. Although frosted leather is more casual in the leather shoe industry, it is not necessarily in loafers. Different styles of more shoes are different, like some more delicate shoes. Going to formal occasions with a dress is not a bad idea.

But when it comes to wearing a dress, suede smoking shoes are also a good choice, with a noble feel.

The other patent leather loafers have two extremes. Either they are thick-soled styles with tougher lines. There is no sense of contradiction for young people to wear casually, and jeans can also be used with them.
Either it is used to match the dress cocktail party or red carpet dress, so that it will not appear too ostentatious.

If you already have several pairs of loafers lying in your shoe cabinet, don’t rush into it. Let’s see how to wear them to make them more flavorful (I’m not talking about the smell of feet~)

#Gentleman: matching suit or shirt + overalls

For a gentleman, loafers must be indispensable, so it is definitely a good match with a suit. After all, the temperature in spring and summer is still relatively high, so it is recommended to match some light-colored items, which will be more visually comfortable. I won’t say much if the pants must be cropped trousers.

#Business: shirt + trousers

If you are an office worker, you don't need to be so high-profile. A simple shirt with trousers may be more practical. And it also prevents colleagues from thinking that you are too popular and gossiping.

#England Casual: Shirt + Twill Pants

If you want to create a European-style romantic casual occasion, you can match it with twill pants, and it is best to choose nubuck shoes. Then the overall tone must be soft, and you can use light blue, white and beige. Please ignore the thread cap on his head. . .

Like Johannes Huebl, he likes to wear it like this. With his sculptural features, it's not too charming.

In fact, not only can you wear twill pants, but now many people use loafers with jeans, which will make you look younger and more fashionable. However, it is recommended to choose black leather loafers, and the shoes should be tougher.

#American entertainment: T-shirt/POLO shirt+Nine pants

If you want to compare the American casual clubs, it will be more rough. Mature men can choose to match the POLO shirt. At this time, the hem of the POLO shirt should also be tucked into the pants, which will look more advanced.

If you are more casual or younger, you can match it with a T-shirt, but it is recommended not to choose too jumpy colors. Simple black and white is enough.

Today, I have coded so many words and coded for 3 hours. I hope everyone can understand the loafers shoes and help.

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