The dazzling upstart dress shoes


The dazzling upstart dress shoes


The dazzling upstart dress shoes


​​The so-called things are reversed. Nothing is impossible. As long as you can work hard, you can stand up again even if you fall into the trough, but if you are not self-motivated and passive, there will be a moment of falling even if you stand on the top of the mountain.

Nothing is certain. When you think that things are immutable, no matter how hard you try, you can’t change them. So many things are actually based on your inner opinion. If the former inventor gave up after a failure, it won’t. There is today's intelligent technology life.

Nowadays, we need to wear different clothes on different occasions. This requires us to match them to make us have demeanor. Nowadays formal wear is necessary for many important places, but there are many specialties in wearing formal wear. One of them is to wear. Leather shoes, this can be said to be a kind of respect for others, and different leather shoes give people different feelings, but the same thing is the kind of exquisite workmanship and generous style, so it is necessary to wear formal leather shoes when wearing formal clothes. Indispensable.

The styles of leather shoes are also different, but the dress shoes are all pointed toe design, which can make us look more elegant; this leather shoe is made of the first layer of cowhide material, has a polishing process, and is convenient for daily maintenance. It is light with shoe covers. Just wipe it, and the anti-skid outsole design can make us walk more smoothly.

The workmanship of the shoes is also very important. The shoes are made of environmentally friendly paint, polished and polished by hand, showing a gradual and dazzling texture without losing the natural breathability of the top layer of cowhide. The three-dimensional shape is more suitable for our pair. Feet; the design of the laces makes it elegant yet casual style, which can fully reveal the self-confidence.

Shoes are also divided into many different types on different occasions. You can wear slippers at home, but you can no longer wear slippers as long as you go out. This is a kind of respect for others. If we are talking about work or interviews It’s necessary to wear formal clothes when paired with formal leather shoes. Especially at banquets or important business events, wearing formal clothes is an attitude towards others, but it can also fully reveal your own temperament. People have a sense of grandeur and elegance.

Maintenance: often clean and nourish

So, how to maintain business dress shoes? Let it still look like a new leather shoe, and will not change?

1. Prevent deformation. The shoe last is inserted into the shoe to maintain the shape of the shoe best. Foot shape, walking method, body temperature and humidity, rain and other factors can cause shoes to be out of shape, especially when your feet are sweaty or exposed to rain, you must use shoe lasts to fix the shape of your shoes. Since body temperature and humidity will loosen the leather, it must be set while the body temperature in the shoe is still present.

2. Alternate shoes. Wear several pairs of leather shoes alternately, don't always wear one pair, which can effectively prevent deformation and aging of the shoes.

3. Dust and clean. Usually need to wipe dust and dirt frequently. After sweating or raining, dry and wipe the interior in time, and replace the insole.

4. Moisturize and maintain. Formal leather shoes are generally made of cowhide. Leather maintenance is the same as human skin maintenance. In addition to cleaning, it needs to be moisturized.

Therefore, before changing the season or not wearing it for a long time, you must wipe it with a moisturizing curing agent, which is equivalent to sealing a layer of curing film for leather shoes to prevent moisture and aging. After cleaning, it is best to moisturize and maintain.

Finally, I will spoil you a piece of "black technology" that LEIZILEI strongly promotes-leather care hand mask

"One-stop" care: A side cleansing, B side nourishing, C side polished, environmentally friendly and portable, individually packaged, ready for use.

The hand mask is made of biodegradable animal and plant materials such as wild lacquer fruit wax, horse oil, mink oil, and plant essential oil. The cosmetic-grade production process is refined, green, safe and environmentally friendly; there is a protective film on the B side, and the maintenance ingredients are strictly limited inside the B side , To prevent it from contaminating your hands.