Men's suits should be matched in this way to look elegant and fashionable


Men's suits should be matched in this way to look elegant and fashionable


Men's suits should be matched in this way to look elegant and fashionable


How does a male suit fit? The editor used to think that men’s clothes are less than women’s, and they are not picky. You can wear them casually. In fact, this is wrong. The fewer the types, the different styles can only be shown by carefully matching. I don’t think there are many people, but cooperation. It's popular, there is no new taste. I ask everyone to wear suits. Please wear clothes of the same color. Does it feel like a factory job? Today's young people have unique styles, pursue different things, and pursue different things. Instead of following the popular era, what kind of combination is there?

1. A striped shirt with a gray suit and black leather derby shoes, a striped shirt with high gloss, a gray suit can give people the feeling of a mature man, I don't choose the skin color, the skin is not so white, but it does not matter, gray itself is between black and white The color can bring out the youth of men. It is not so old and can be matched like this in the office for young people.

2. A blue suit with white shoes and a blue striped shirt with a blue and white striped tie. This is a recommended way of editing. The hem of the pants has high gloss. This kind of clothing makes the owner very dynamic, he is very energetic and gives I think the way he works can give his boss a sense of trust, position, and make his colleagues feel friendly and lively, which can bring you a good interpersonal relationship.

3. Beige suit with yellow tie and beige shoes, white shirt inside, scarf and hat to go out on cold days, this set is very business atmosphere, white-collar elite will never be left behind and will go to discuss business , Can show the identity of the owner, not so simple.

4. This set is relatively young. The suit, pants, and shirt shoes are all self-cultivation, unlike the previous type of formal, this overall self-cultivation gives people a very energetic sense of youth. The white shirt and trousers make the owner's life energetic. Very cute, the combination of mature colors is so cleverly combined, not because the colors are mature, it looks very old, because it is a youthful style, so it can not be naive, if you like this type, you can collect it.

5. Orange shirts with dark suits and sneakers are also very common. They are full of youth and fashion, lively and not cautious. The bright places are orange shirts. If you match the dark suits, not only can you not take off the color, but you don’t stick to the owner’s Personality and naughty personality are also very conspicuous. Young men can avoid shoes when wearing suits. The shoes are thick and stable, giving people a sense of maturity and old-fashionedness. They are suitable for office wear, and they will become casual when they talk about business.

6. The style of bright suits with white shirts and black shoes is also very common. It is suitable for men with high status. The bright face design and the unique collar of the white shirt are different from men, showing the characteristics of high status and status. When going out to discuss business , Please don't forget this combination, you are half done.

7. Beige West is equipped with blue trousers and ribbons. If you match brown leather Oxford shoes in this way, the color will be gorgeous, but it is a very fashionable elite. The sense of fashion is full of youthful notes, and the lively color will give people a kind of generosity. The atmosphere gives vitality and self-confidence in the workplace, and is suitable for the elites in sales. Because of this lively temperament, it is a very precious trait in sales.