How to match the colors of men's leather shoes and trousers is more handsome!


How to match the colors of men's leather shoes and trousers is more handsome!


How to match the colors of men's leather shoes and trousers is more handsome!


The color matching of leather shoes and trousers can often determine the overall taste of clothing, and the wrong combination is likely to create a failed look. In fact, as long as you master the four color matching criteria, you can easily complete the overall shape.

We have selected the 4 most common types of men's leather shoes, and let's talk about the color matching tips of leather shoes and trousers.

NO 1: Black lace-up leather shoes.

Black lace-up leather shoes give a calm and restrained impression. It can be matched with black, medium-gray trousers. Generally, it is more common with formal wear such as dresses and suits. It should be noted that the color of the suit, black leather shoes and socks should be unified, so that the legs and feet can be integrated in color.

Tips: When black leather shoes encounter blue, lighter blue should be avoided. Generally dark blue or midnight blue are good choices. The most taboo is wearing a brown suit with black shoes.

NO 2: Light brown monk shoes

Monk shoes can be said to be a very versatile style of leather shoes, whether it is a classic suit, a brightly colored double-breasted jacket, a handsome leather jacket, or an elegant windbreaker, it can all Hold!

Light brown monk shoes are the most popular, and the most classic is the matching with the dark green lattice British coat, which can make you wear a fashionable, retro British feeling.

NO 3: Tan penny shoes

Pennies without laces are very representative of casual leather shoes, and they are also the most indispensable shoes. But because penny shoes are easy to put on and take off, they are easy to feel lazy, so they are not suitable for formal black pants.

Tan penny shoes can usually be matched with classic colors such as gray, copper, or brown, which can easily show an elegant and sexy side. In addition, the combination of penny shoes and jeans can be said to be lazy to the extreme~~

NO 4: Burgundy Oxford shoes

Oxford shoes, the most popular retro lace-up leather shoes, have become an indispensable one in men's shoe cabinets. Their elegant and classic silhouettes can be called the most classic gentleman shoes.


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