Are your leather shoes only paired with trousers? That's too wasteful, so quickly put on jeans and try it!


Are your leather shoes only paired with trousers? That's too wasteful, so quickly put on jeans and try it!


Are your leather shoes only paired with trousers? That's too wasteful, so quickly put on jeans and try it!


Leather shoes are the most formal kind of shoes. Although the appearance rate has been reduced a lot during the impact of the sports wave, they are still an indispensable part of fashion modeling.

Leather shoes will never be absent in a formal look. They are a must-have item to create a formal, gentleman, and elegant look. Many times when we put on leather shoes, we naturally think of matching a pair of trousers. This also proves that leather shoes and western style. Pants are a set of very classic styles, which have been affirmed by the fashion circle.

But in daily wear, the shape of leather shoes is not only used to match trousers, but also to match jeans to show the charm of men's clothes.

Leather shoes paired with trousers can show an elegant and formal sense, while paired with jeans look casual and tough. Classic leather shoes are a symbol of gentleman and maturity. Jeans have the characteristics of American roughness and boldness. The combination of the two makes the shape more stylish. Many style changes.

In the fashion craze of sports shoes, many old-school gentlemen and sportsmen still have a high enthusiasm for leather shoes. After all, they also know that only leather shoes can make the style show a calm charm. The role of leather shoes is irreplaceable.

Although the leather shoes are very classic, they must be carefully selected

No matter what style you create, the choice of single product will be very important, so you have to be patient to choose a pair of leather shoes.

In the first level of appearance and style, you must polish your eyes and improve your aesthetic vision. Otherwise, if you don't choose the style, no matter how good the quality of the shoes is, the style will be half the effort.

The style of leather shoes does not need many changes. The more classic styles look more tasteful. After all, they are not stage performances, so avoid some fancy styles, and the classic styles will be more versatile.

The length of jeans has a great influence on the shape

The choice of shoes will not ignore the version of the pants. In a complete shape, every detail will determine the quality of the shape. Don't affect the beauty of the entire shape because of some small details.

No matter what kind of shoes you wear, the length of the pants always needs to be controlled. When matching leather shoes, the length of the pants will inevitably form a pile up with the upper. At this time, the trousers can be rolled up, and the shape looks a lot more neat.

After the trousers are rolled up, even rough jeans can be worn with a sense of exquisiteness, so that you can show your dressing skills and taste.

Therefore, the step of rolling the trousers can not be lazy. It takes less than a minute to fold the trousers and make the shape more attractive.

Of course, you can also choose a pair of cropped trousers, so that the styling is more convenient and quicker, so that this pair of elegant gentleman's leather shoes are fully exposed in the styling.


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