3 fashion outfits you should know


3 fashion outfits you should know


3 fashion outfits you should know


As long as it is in the popular Korean dramas, there will definitely be a few sets of clothes for the heroes and heroines. So what we are introducing today is the matching method of casual suits and shoes that the heroes in Korean dramas often wear. In the past, men all over the world would only wear suits on important occasions, but now we often see some men wearing suits as casual wear, and they can wear them on any occasion.

This can be regarded as a reform of the suit, but this suit is not a very formal suit, but a slight modification. Now the suits worn by the heroes we often see in Korean dramas have been changed, but to be honest The suit is very beautiful, and this suit does not need to be matched with formal leather shoes, but can be matched with many other shoes. Today, I will introduce to you what kind of shoes can be matched.

First, leather shoes

For leather shoes, any suit can be matched. Office workers usually wear leather shoes and suits to work. This kind of match is more serious, so this kind of match is suitable for some very grand or serious occasions. Don't wear it like this normally. , Don’t make people feel distant.

Second, sports shoes

Because this kind of suit is more casual, we can wear a pair of lightweight sneakers when we go to the street. For men, they love sports and walk faster. So sneakers are not only suitable for suits, but also save a lot for men. strength.

Third, casual shoes

There are many types of casual shoes, and there are also various brands. Even the canvas shoes we usually wear can be matched with this suit. One of the characteristics of this suit is that its trousers are collected inward, and it is nine points. Suit pants, so the legs and figure are very visible, so wearing a pair of casual shoes is really the icing on the cake. This dress is at the forefront of fashion.


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