A good suit requires good shoes, 4 must-have leather shoes not to be missed


A good suit requires good shoes, 4 must-have leather shoes not to be missed


A good suit requires good shoes, 4 must-have leather shoes not to be missed


In the 1960s, Esquire's fashion columnist once said: "To see whether a man has taste in his clothes, he first needs to look at his shoes."

Three points depend on appearance, seven points depend on dress,

A man of demeanor and self-cultivation,

It’s not because their looks are too high to be close,

But their clothes have their own style and characteristics.

Some people say: Wearing a suit can bring inexplicable self-confidence. It is like a pair of armor, overcoming obstacles in the unpredictable workplace. It makes people look more mature and more advanced.

Shoes are the most important item in a man's wardrobe. If they are not properly matched with a suit, the overall color will be lost. However, the vast majority of men's cognition of formal shoes is still stuck in the same style, a pair of leather shoes to deal with various scenes.

Today, I will tell you about 4 classic dress shoes that men must have.

Oxford shoes Oxfords

The most formal shoes for business occasions

Oxford shoes, the kind without brogue pattern, are different from other shoes in the closed flap design. The tongue and the upper are separated. This most popular retro lace-up leather shoe has become a must for men's shoe cabinets. An indispensable shoe, its repeated handwork can better reveal the low-key and elegant style, and outline the elegant gentleman style.

In addition to the brown suit

Black Oxford shoes can be matched with any other suit color

Derby shoes Derby

Derby shoes (Derby) and Oxford shoes silly and unclear? This is normal, because Derby shoes are modified from Oxford shoes. In the 19th century, there was a sad urge for wide-footed Earl Derby. He wanted to wear Oxford shoes but was too narrow, so he asked the shoemaker to take out the tongue of the shoe and put it outside. Because it was the culmination of his own labor, the earl named this shoe after himself.

The characteristics of Derby shoes are also very simple. Its placket is open, and the tongue and the entire upper are made of one piece of leather.

Derby shoes are not as formal as Oxford shoes. There is a certain distance between the two ears, so it is more suitable for semi-formal occasions, such as business travel, business meetings and commuting. Suits, shirts and even casual trousers can be matched with it without being obtrusive. Therefore, derby shoes and Oxford shoes, which are both casual and stable, have more matching plasticity.

Monk Shoes

The application scenarios of Monk shoes and Derby shoes are similar, except for very formal occasions, Monk shoes can be used. But it is worth noting that when wearing Monk shoes, the size and length of the trouser legs are very important. Long trouser seams may get caught in the buckle. This is why buckle shoes look better when worn with narrower trousers, and shorter or just touched the length of the leather shoes are better.

A man’s 100% exquisite moment absolutely needs a classic Monk shoe, which is unassuming but has its own light, not dazzling but makes people unable to look away.

Formal dresses can be worn with black Monk shoes for formal occasions, while other colors of Monk shoes can be matched with trousers and jeans.

Loafer shoes

The predecessor of loafers was moccasin moccasins worn by North American Indians. At that time, these one-step shoes were classified as slippers in the eyes of the nobles.

Loafers are both formal and casual, simple and easy to match, and are loved by modern urban men. Roll up your trousers and wear loafers without socks, so you can easily get the classic retro modern style. But nowadays, some fashionistas will match colorful stockings to create their personal style.

A mature man will target different occasions

Wearing different dress shoes,

Because it not only represents his taste,

It’s his attitude towards life,

This is also our attitude,

Live hard, live delicately.


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