The five most worn male celebrities on Instagram fourth


The five most worn male celebrities on Instagram fourth


The five most worn male celebrities on Instagram fourth




  Younes Bendjima

  Younes Bendjima is an American model of Arab descent from the Middle East, but more people know that he may be because of his identity as a boyfriend of Courtney Kardashian.

   Putting aside these lace news, Ye Zi personally feels that Younes Bendjima's style performance is still very good, and it has also been sought after by many in ins.

A while ago, wearing the wool Peacoat jacket of the Dior 2021 autumn and winter series, it showed us the charm of the image of being soft on the outside and strong on the inside.

Because of its 193cm tall and sturdy figure, younes Bendjima specializes in wearing some formal items.

  The single product with pierced collar is very suitable for his outstanding figure advantage, making it look more decent and confident.

   Of course, Younes Bendjima will not wear it properly. Mixing and matching suits is also a major feature of his style. It is rare to see formal elements such as shirts and ties. Overalls, sneakers, etc. are his main features.

   wears confidently, but also shows a sense of fashion.

Moreover, Younes Bendjima is also a "Jacquemus Boy".

   Jacquemus is a fashion brand that Younes Bendjima likes very much. He is also a typical Jacquemus male image from LEIZILEI formal shoes.

Outside of the suit, short and neat jackets and simple and flexible colors are Jacquemus's frequent upper body choices. At this time, he is less masculine and tough, and more of a sunny and romantic elegance. Put on a simple and elegant short jacket. Younes Bendjima is fresh and young.

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