What kind of shoes do a 40-year-old man wear to be more advanced?


What kind of shoes do a 40-year-old man wear to be more advanced?


What men do to shoes is what women do to lipstick. They are an integral part of the overall look. For men over the age of 40, they should abandon the concept of "a pair of cloth shoes go the world" and choose a pair of shoes that suits them. Only by choosing the right pair of shoes can they enhance the sense of style and demonstrate the demeanor and taste that middle-aged men should have.

20-year-old boys have a soft spot for AJ and Yeezy, and when a man has passed the age of catching up with fashion, what kind of shoes do you wear when you are 40-year-old?

In fact, there is no hard requirement of "what shoes to wear at any age", but when a man reaches middle age, choosing a pair of shoes that fit his identity has become one of the compulsory courses for wearing. Next, I recommend three shoes suitable for 40-year-old men. Remember to collect them.

Leather shoes are standard equipment for every middle-aged man, and it is not an exaggeration to describe them as "a man's business card".

Among the shoes suitable for men, leather shoes are the most prominent of their status and show the charm and demeanor of mature men to the fullest.

To choose a pair of leather shoes that suits you, you have to choose from three common leather shoe styles: pointed, square and round according to your foot shape. Men with long feet should avoid wearing pointed leather shoes. Square and round toes are more casual.

The color can be selected according to occupation, occasion and outfit. Black is the first choice for workplace wear. For more casual styles or occasions, you can choose brown, coffee, etc.

Of course, the clothes suitable for leather shoes are not only suits and formal wear, but shirts, sweaters and suits can have a good chemical reaction with leather shoes.

If you are a man with outstanding fashion expression, you can also try a mix and match style. "Long windbreaker + casual trousers + leather shoes" highlights the proportions of the figure and looks very advanced.

Loafers are still quite popular among men. Unlike Doudou shoes, although the two are somewhat similar in style and design, loafers can better reflect the elegant gentleman taste of a 40-year-old man.

Three classic styles: penny loafers, tassel loafers, horsebit loafers, you can choose according to different wearing styles.

In the traditional impression, it seems that loafers and leather shoes have the same wearing attributes and can only be matched with formal wear.

In fact, loafers have a strong style shaping power, whether they are paired with trousers, wide-leg pants, jeans, or sports pants, they can present a different fashion style effect and meet the needs of daily and workplace wear.

There are also some 40-year-old men who don't like to wear suits and leather shoes with leather shoes, so they can choose casual sports shoes.

Different from AJ and Yeezy, the fashion attributes of small white shoes are not so strong, and they will not give people the feeling of being forced to be tender or too fashionable.

The style selection of small white shoes is also very particular. It is not recommended for 40-year-old men to wear white cloth shoes. Leather shoes with a relatively stiff fabric should be the first choice, which can improve the texture and taste of the shape.

The sneakers themselves have strong fashion attributes, so they can be more casual in everyday wear.

Whether it's a windbreaker with casual pants, or wide-leg pants and board shoes, it can make the shape play a good age-reducing effect, while retaining the youthful sense, it will not look forced to look tender.


The above are the three recommended shoes for a 40-year-old man: leather shoes, loafers and white shoes, which meet the needs of workplace style and daily wear and style. They are high-end and look decent and graceful.


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