The five most worn male celebrities on Instagram thrid


The five most worn male celebrities on Instagram thrid



   Harry Styles

   Speaking of men with pearls, Harry Styles is absolutely indispensable.

   It was also from him that it became a trend for men to wear pearls.

People who have "Style" in their name have an unusual style.

   In fact, Hajuan has been leading men's style trends in recent years, and the status of fashion idols has become more and more stable, but because of its "radical" degree, it has also received a lot of heated discussion.

  The most important thing is "men wear women's clothing", especially the frequent upper body skirts.

   However, we can also see that Hajuan can confidently combine the two traditional gender temperaments, breaking the stereotyped gender aesthetic, which is unparalleled.

   It is no wonder that he will become the darling of many fashion magazines and fashion brands. This is due to his unique diversified flowing temperament.

At the recent Grammy Awards ceremony, Haju, dressed in a green plaid suit and corduroy trousers, unexpectedly and unexpectedly wrapped a "pink girl" streamer, once again combining traditional male clothing with The feminine elements are combined to illustrate the gentleness and confidence of multiple aesthetic styles.

Not only in skirts, but also in suits.

   is not a serious suit, but shows a very warm and romantic attitude. All kinds of soft and jumping color suits or colorful combinations are Hajuan's favorites.

   broke the old-fashioned situation with an elegant and gorgeous style, showing a sense of commotion without being too aggressive. At the same time, his contours are mostly based on shoulder pads and waist collocation with micro-flap trousers, which will bring out the retro artistic temperament for Hajuan.

   It can be said that the collision of classics and rebellion gave birth to the image of Hajuan's style that is not secular.

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