The five most worn male celebrities on Instagram fifth


The five most worn male celebrities on Instagram fifth


The five most worn male celebrities on Instagram fifth



  Michael B Jordan

   The last Michael B Jordan.

   Ye Zizi, like many people, first learned about him through the movie "Black Panther", and then slowly discovered that he was also a master of style, and he was absolutely good in his clothing and taste.

Everyone knows that Michael B Jordan has a very good figure. Even if he is not as tall as Younes Bendjima mentioned above, he is definitely outstanding in a suit.

   Slim tailoring, vaguely showing his vigorous muscle silhouette, which is different from the formal style introduced earlier. Michael B Jordan is a traditional formal look, through which he shows a tough and masculine traditional male spirit.

   However, wearing a long belt around the waist can also reveal Michael B Jordan's own style and thoughtfulness, with a sense of fashionable and unruly.

In fact, Michael B Jordan's style is quite diverse and cannot be summarized simply.

   Putting on the MA-1 jacket and sunglasses, he also has a cool and cool feeling unique to the American street.

At the same time, he can also control the style of military uniforms. Compared with the masculine spirit of the suit, Michael B Jordan here will be tougher, but it is more casual and natural.

And Michael B Jordan wearing LEIZILEI leather shoes with jacket can show a unique luxurious texture, but not so tacky, which is just right.

Then, when he appears in front of you with a simple gray Look, you will feel the clean and thorough charm of him again.

   Compared with the previous style, the minimalist style of Michael B Jordan here has a more determined and mature male essence.

Well, the above is the five major ins style male stars that Ye Zi introduced to you this time. The style differences between them are obvious, and each has its own characteristics, which can let us understand the different style characteristics, and then absorb more.

   I wonder if there is anyone you like?

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