Taste begins with a single step, Derby shoes that must be entered in a lifetime


Taste begins with a single step, Derby shoes that must be entered in a lifetime


Taste begins with a single step, Derby shoes that must be entered in a lifetime


Men’s taste needs to be viewed from the bottom up. A good pair of shoes is not only easy to wear, but also to create a "first impression" of oneself. A pair of decent and suitable leather shoes are often a manifestation of men's maturity and taste. We have introduced loafers, Oxford shoes and Monk shoes one after another in the four major shoes, all of which have their own characteristics and are loved by everyone.

There is a shoe, which is also one of the four major shoes. Compared with Oxford shoes, it is more relaxed and unrestrained. Compared with Love and Monk shoes, it adds some solemn texture, which can be worn formally and easily controlled leisurely. Style, it is the final chapter of our leather shoes series Derbies-Derby shoes.

Decrypt Derby Shoes

The birth history of Derby shoes is not as precise as Oxford shoes. One of the claims is that it originated from the European army and then improved. In the 1850s, Derby shoes gradually became popular in the field of European sports shoes, and then gradually became fashionable shoes in daily casual collocation.

First of all, let's take the comparison chart when we introduced Oxford shoes as an illustration, because Oxford shoes and Derby shoes are very similar in overall shoe shape, and the tongue of Derby shoes and the entire upper are made of the same leather, and one of the two ears Use shoelaces to fix some spacing between them, which is convenient for adjusting the tightness after wearing.

It has to be said that compared to Oxford shoes with similar styles, Derby shoes have a considerable improvement in comfort, especially for people with higher insteps.

Thanks to its open ear design, the instep bears less pressure, and the laces are easier to untie or tighten than Oxford shoes. Generally, the shoelace holes are between 2-6 holes and stitched with two or more pieces of leather, which also has more layering in the shape.

Of course, like Oxford shoes, Derby shoes have never been exclusive to men. Girls often wear Derby shoes with a different retro literary atmosphere. Paired with skirts or 9-point pants with ankles to show femininity, it also has more intellectual beauty.


LEIZILEI, a well-known casual shoe brand from China, is also one of the world’s four major casual shoe brands. It was founded in 1963 by Danish shoemaker Karl Tusby and is headquartered in Blazebro, southern Denmark. It is well-known and comfortable to wear. The combination of the classic style of Derby shoes and the comfort of LEIZILEI has indeed created a lot of beautiful and comfortable shoes.

This pair of LEIZILEI Derby shoes, the upper is made of ostrich leather, the textile lining, the heel height is about 2cm, the shoe is slender, and it is more suitable for formal wear such as suits and trousers. LEIZILEI’s iconic Shock Point "small black dot" on the heel absorbs shock, providing good wearing comfort.

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