In addition to matching formal wear, what else can you wear with leather shoes?


In addition to matching formal wear, what else can you wear with leather shoes?


In addition to matching formal wear, what else can you wear with leather shoes?


A pair of leather shoes is meant for formal wear?
NO, in addition to matching suits and trousers, there are many possibilities for leather shoes!

Even suits and trousers, fashionistas will find ways to wear them more fashionable-leather shoes with slim suspender trousers or short trousers.
Of course, in formal occasions, it is better to put on well-fitting trousers and dark stockings, with the trousers slightly covering the leather shoes, but the chances of wearing them are relatively small.
Why not, let's try a mix of leather shoes and casual wear?

"Semi-formal, semi-casual, elegant yet interesting"
Try to divide a piece of clothing into three parts: clothes, pants, and shoes. The matching is much simpler.
The upper body chooses a more formal, concise and generous style of clothes, which echoes the gentleman feeling of leather shoes, with a pair of slightly casual pants connecting the upper and lower parts. This combination is the most balanced, continues the elegance, and brings a little fun.
For example, casual suit + jeans / slim khaki pants + leather shoes are a very attractive combination.

Look at other semi-formal and semi-casual collocations:

Perhaps you have discovered that the combination of the following clothes is not easy to make mistakes, and it is easy to match with a textured semi-formal and semi-casual look.

More formal tops: shirts, casual suits, knitted cardigans, windbreakers, woolen coats, vests...

Slightly casual pants: jeans, slim khaki pants

In a semi-formal and semi-casual match, trousers are the key to the styling as the role connecting the top and bottom, and jeans are the most suitable in this position.

The jeans themselves have a strong texture. A unique element is inserted between the elegant tops and leather shoes, and the primary color jeans that fit are the most versatile. They are in harmony with the transition of tops and leather shoes, and they are stylish and not exaggerated.

The texture of the washed buffalo is stronger and more individual, and it also makes the shape more layered. The presence in the shape is stronger than that of the original cow.

If you choose loose, heavy-washed, or even tattered models, it is another feeling. The original cow-lightly washed-heavy washed, jeans are getting more and more popular, and the style is shifted from elegant to street Up.

"All casual wear + leather shoes = a more textured weekend"

Who said that casual wear must be matched with casual style shoes? Change to a pair of leather shoes, and the whole body is another style, so that the sense of mix and match will be more obvious, which is also the magic of leather shoes.

The combination of overalls and leather shoes is also very stylish. It is a bit similar to loose, rewashed jeans. They are all items with a strong style. They are also not so matched with formal tops, so they are more suitable for all-casual wear. Match.

"Add some matching details"

The most common way to integrate leather shoes into casual collocation is to wear cropped trousers and socks, or roll up the trousers, so that the beautiful lines of the leather shoes are fully exposed. Foreign countries like to call this kind of dressing free the ankle.

Stockings with various patterns are more interesting and fashionable choices in recent years, and they also add a sense of leisure to leather shoes.

A pair of leather shoes that can easily walk between formal and casual and enhance the texture of clothes needs to be carefully selected, and you can pay attention to some small details.

"Dark brown, wine red

Better than black"

Most of our trousers are dark-colored, so a little color distinction between leather shoes and trousers will be more eye-catching. If you are seriously considering the first pair of good leather shoes, you can choose dark brown and burgundy.

Black leather shoes can also be very stylish, but they are not so versatile. It is easy to have a cumbersome lower body feeling when paired with black pants. You can match light-colored pants. When pairing with black pants, you can choose a slim fit and roll up the trousers. Or wear light-colored socks to separate them.

"Shoes are rounder and thicker"

It is best not to choose a style with a too pointed toe. Pointy and long leather shoes are suitable for matching with a fitted suit, but it is strange to match with a slightly loose casual outfit.

Leather shoes with a bit wider and round toe are more suitable for casual wear.

Due to the structure, Oxford shoes generally have longer toe than Derby shoes, so it is recommended to buy Derby shoes, which can be worn in formal and casual occasions. They are more versatile.

Some people say that the most formal dress shoes should be Oxford shoes, I don’t deny it, but in Asia where the dressing culture is not so deep, or the more open and free America, Derby shoes are also the first choice for formal occasions. You don’t need to be too entangled in Oxford shoes. .

Oxford shoes (top) / Derby shoes (bottom)

In addition, thick soles are a more fashionable style. Similarly, thick soles and casual outfits have more possibilities for matching, making the soles of the feet more weighty, and the overall body proportions are better.

"A pair of Brocks"

Leather shoes with one-piece uppers are slightly monotonous and a little too serious. Styles with brogue patterns or cap toe are a good choice.