◤Fashion◢Boys should have a pair of loafers!


◤Fashion◢Boys should have a pair of loafers!


◤Fashion◢Boys should have a pair of loafers!


Loafers are one of the many types of leather shoes. They are easy to put on and take off. They are the most casual style of leather shoes. They can also be said to be "lazy shoes" with leather. They are suitable for both men and women.
Although it is the most casual style, it is not only a casual style, but also a variety of styles for you to match. This article counts 4 styles to wear and let you know its magical power.

【Outfit 1】
The whole set of clothes is mainly in earthy colors. First of all, let’s look at the upper body full of details. Put on a floral shirt and choose the half way. It will not be too formal and casual. You can open a few buttons at will to show a sense of spontaneity. Create a V-neck to modify the face. The lower body chooses cropped trousers that modify the legs, and the accessories use a gentleman's hat and sunglasses to add points to the whole, which is so handsome that people have a sense of distance.

【Outfit 2】
Who said that shorts must be worn with short sleeves? Long-sleeved shirts often appear in formal wear, and deliberately do not button up full, roll up the sleeves, pair with knee-length shorts, plus all-match sunglasses, it looks very casual, most suitable for vacation wear!

【Outfit 3】
Formal wear does not necessarily have to be equipped with Oxford shoes or Derby shoes. With loafers, it will present another style, revealing a small section of ankle that looks yuppie and handsome. As for what hairstyle should I wear with the suit? Oil head is definitely the answer that can't be wrong.

【Outfit 4】
Most of the loafers will not reveal the socks, but this set is out of the inherent format, choosing eight-quarter pants and putting on white stockings to get rid of the more mature style and make the whole look more lively. Next time you put on loafers, you can also try to expose the socks, there will be unexpected gains!