Every pure man should have a pair of work boots


Every pure man should have a pair of work boots


Every pure man should have a pair of work boots


Work boots originated at the end of the 18th century and the beginning of the 19th century. At that time, the working environment of workers was full of various challenges and encountered various dangers. Ordinary shoes could no longer meet the requirements of the time. In order to protect workers, work boots to protect workers have appeared. The soles of tooling boots are mostly made of rubber, wood chips and other materials, and the uppers are mostly cowhide. Tooling boots are waterproof, puncture-resistant, and wear-resistant.

With the development of the western United States, tooling boots are widely used among workers. Then it was used in the army because of its excellent characteristics. The famous US special forces "Sea Leopards" and "Delta Special Forces" are equipped with Danner military boots.

In the mid-nineteenth century, locomotive movies began to rise, as James Dean and Marlon Brando created images of tough guys on the screen. More and more people like tooling boots, especially some "punks", "rebels" and "motorcycle gangs" wear them every day and get together in the street.

Although the tooling boots are slightly rough and heavy, they are also full of provocation and aggressiveness. Gradually, jeans and work boots have become symbols of youth rebellion and have been accepted by the subcultural system.

In modern times, work boots are the most versatile holy products favored by trendy people, and the longer they wear, the more flavorful they will be. But the difference is that in the past, the wearers were considered gang members, social outcasts, and beat generations. Now they have become a symbol of taste-the business gentleman or the trendy style pursued by the dress. Work boots appeared in the street shooting of celebrities, such as Beckham, Takuya Kimura and other trend-setting figures.

A pair of well-made and well-made tooling boots often directly represent the classic itself. May everyone find a suitable one, may yours accompany you to all corners of the world, may yours be amazing when it gets old.


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