Collection of suits, please!


Collection of suits, please!


Collection of suits, please!


Formal suits are just like collocation with other clothes, men's formal suits also have skills. First of all, we should clarify the time and occasion, and understand the basic principles of formal wear. Therefore, a black suit is indispensable in a man's wardrobe. Secondly, you can choose to match different shirts, shoes, and ties according to your own preferences to show the different charms of suits.

Men's characteristics

1. The three-color principle

The three-color principle is emphasized in the classic foreign business etiquette norms. Famous domestic etiquette experts have also emphasized this principle many times. Simply put, the color system of men should not exceed 3, which is very close to the color vision. For the same kind.

2. The Three Laws

Keep the same color for the shoes, belt, and briefcase. Black is the best.

3. Three taboos

The logo on the left sleeve should be removed; nylon stockings and white socks can’t be worn; the tie is made of silk and wool. You don’t need to pull it unless the uniform is matched. The color is generally dark. Short-sleeved shirts and ties can only be short uniforms. Sleeve shirts and jackets cannot be tied with ties.

4. The principle of leadership

The collared principle says that formal wear must be collared. Collarless clothing, such as T-shirts and sweatshirts, cannot be formal wear. The collar in men's formal wear is usually embodied as a collared shirt.

5. The button principle

In most cases, formal wear should be button-style clothing, and zipper clothing usually cannot be formal wear. Some of the more solemn jackets, in fact, can not become formal wear.

6. Belt principle

Men's trousers must be worn with a belt, sports pants worn with elastic elastic cannot be a formal wear, and jeans are not counted naturally. Even trousers, if you don’t wear a belt, you can be very orderly, which means that the waist of the trousers is not suitable for you.

7, the principle of leather shoes

Formal wear cannot be separated from leather shoes. Sports shoes, cloth shoes and slippers cannot be formal wear. The most classic dress shoes are lace-up styles, but as the trend changes, convenient and practical lazy strapless shoes have gradually become the mainstream.

Men's formal wear is an important dress for social occasions. It not only shows personal taste and temperament, but also fully demonstrates self-esteem and respect for each other, and reflects self-cultivation, especially etiquette. Men should pay more attention to the matching of formal wear. Even if it is less likely to wear and expensive, it is an essential equipment for men.


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