Boys pay attention to details, the overall image is more handsome


Boys pay attention to details, the overall image is more handsome


Boys pay attention to details, the overall image is more handsome


Matching is very important for boys. A reasonable match can show the charm of men, as well as show personality and taste.

   From the point of view of boys, most of the dressing styles are generally based on simple styles. In daily life, it seems that it is still difficult to sell more vivid collocations everywhere.

   In the details of matching, if you pay attention to some skills, everyone's outfit will become more subtle, because matching requires more details to complete, rather than relying solely on the fashion effect of the single product.

The existence of some items is to give a certain embellishment to the outfits, some items are to add personality to the spring flowers, and some items are to enable everyone to become a stylish trendy person with a full tone, boys’ Matching details will involve all aspects.

For example, the level of collocation and the character of the overall accessories will become more casual and simple, but this collocation can also reflect a person's taste.

Many people have limited tastes. The limitation mentioned here refers to their own hobbies. A boy only needs to understand the single product.

First of all, you must be good at matching, and on the premise of being good at matching, you need to know what kind of single product you like to give yourself an advantage, so that you can consider all aspects and make mistakes.

But it is easier to create the feeling we want, let's take a look at the details that need to be paid attention to in the match, in order to achieve our own fashion match!

If you want to dress handsomely, these few details can't be missed


Understand collocation characteristics

   Boys are actually very simple to wear. After mastering some skills, the style will become more diverse, and they want to match with a more perfect style.

First of all, we must know how to distinguish matching features. All matching features are in a specific time or in some specific seasons. What kind of items should we choose to be more in line with the current atmosphere and to create more The style you want.

Boys' matching, if you want to show more personality, you can complete it through some accessories, such as bags, or sunglasses, or socks. These items are very one-sided and can be directly emphasized in the matching. Fashion has a personality, but at the same time it will make your collocation unique.

Only wear one item

Many boys have a dressing habit and like to make themselves simpler, so they often adopt a single product style. This kind of fashion item has become the habit of most boys. They want to look at the style of fashion. It's simpler and more casual.

   You can find some more everyday and versatile items, such as shirts or T-shirts. When matching, you can properly roll up the sleeves to reveal a small area of skin tone, which can make the whole body look more perfect.

Don’t underestimate the details of this collocation. It may not make everyone’s dress more emphasized. If you just choose ordinary items step by step, and match them in the worst street style, your results may be doomed to failure in the end. Yes, so we have to go through the details to master more style control.

Shirt becomes jacket

   Boys match, as long as some details are changed, the style will become more prominent. For example, choose a matching shirt, but the shirt is not matched according to common sense, and finally the shirt becomes a kind of jacket.

   can be matched with a T-shirt under the shirt, and dark green overalls can be matched underneath, so that the matching form will be unique.

   If it is a loose shirt with black pants, the style will be too casual, and there is no characteristic, and the style that may be displayed is also relatively cheap.

But changing to a different way of collocation, ordinary fashion and ordinary styles can also become more upscale and individual. This is the gap between before and after. Boys must pay more attention to changes in details. Most of the fashion collocation ideas are It will become clearer, and it will not be overkill.

Ways to enhance style and temperament


Pay attention to the overall color matching

  Many boys are not good at color matching. In daily life, they will become a fashionable novice. The matching of boys is actually very simple.

   The color does not need to be too bright, and the overall style does not seem to be too forceful. Generally speaking, the boy's choice of collocation is more clean and refreshing.

   If the overall color matching is too much, then the style reflected will be more fancy, and it will also affect the final personal state, and the more advantageous matching is generally done with simpler colors or advanced colors.

  The silhouette and high-level texture of the outfit are all presented through these colors. Some colors are inherently stronger and can become the most dazzling black style in the conference.

   Even if it is not good at color matching, but combining some very common but simple colors together, the style will appear more high-end, and it will not make everyone look low-end.

   In fact, it is not difficult to find that in daily life, those fashions with superb design details and fancy colors are difficult to wear in the so-called gentleman style, which will only make the image of boys look like a social brother.

Add some accessories and then match

   The least common style for boys is a more fashionable style. However, many people will have a misunderstanding that fashionable styles are accomplished through cumbersome matching.

   Even if some accessories are added to the matching, the style will be different, such as matching some suit accessories or matching accessories.

  Choose a leather fabric shoe, these will add points in the answer, and the texture itself is very strong, we can choose to use this kind of shoes to make the wearing style look more orthodox.

   will also make everyone's image instantly taller in the hearts of others. The choice of some shoes is also a learning for boys.

   The choice of style of shoes determines the state of the overall matching style. Therefore, the choice of revolving shoes is more fashionable and textured, so the overall style is fashionable and classic.

Matching details determine everything

   The matching of boys is simple, but there are some flaws, such as the lines that appear in many clothes in the details of matching.

   or the style of the shoes, these details of the shoes will be infinitely magnified, and through simple forms, they will eventually cause various problems in their wear.

   At this time, as long as the details are in place, when choosing some items, we have to choose quality items, and the fabrics must be carefully selected, and the matching of the shoes is in line with the overall style theme.

   Don’t think of a formal style. As long as you like it, the effect is ideal. Often the result is not satisfactory because your own style positioning has been wrong.

   Everyone is choosing to try some distinctive shoes that can make everyone wear more with half the effort, for example, Martin boots. Such shoes look different and create a more classic lazy style.

The color of the belt

   Boys' dressing and matching, and many accessories styles, will determine the overall result. The confession of collocation can help boys emphasize the body curve.

If it is properly integrated into the belt, the style will become more proportional, and when matched, it can create a more gentleman style. Whether it is matched with a suit jacket or some high-waisted pants, the overall match needs to be brought in as adjustments. .

   seems to be very monotonous to wear, but the wearing style of the added belt will become fuller and more individual. When choosing a belt, pay attention to the overall color, and try to be simpler and use universal colors as the main.

For example, dark colors, but not all dark colors can reflect a more advanced matching state. Try to choose advanced and basic colors, such as brown or gray or black. These colors will not make you wear. It is easy to make mistakes.

Choice of watches

   Boys' collocation pays more attention to being decent and generous, and it is necessary to pay attention to a person's taste and worth. The collocation direction of boys and girls are two directions, not to show a sense of fashion, the overall collocation is successful.

Instead, you need some specific accessories to demonstrate your own success. For example, with a watch, a watch is an indispensable accessory. What kind of watch you choose determines what your wear style is, so you have to use your heart. Matching and selection.

   Boys match with attention to details, and the overall image is more handsome. Do you know these skills? Boys must wear these details to create a handsome collocation style and make the collocation more stylish!


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